IOST Bi-Weekly Dapps Roundup — As of April 12th

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Between March 30th and April 12th, IOST continues to power forward in its ecosystem development strategy. With multiple Dapps already online, we are also seeing a strong pipeline of new Dapps to be launched within the coming weeks. We continue to see rapid user growth and healthy transaction volumes for our Dapps that are already online. We expect the launch of OASIS to be a game-changer in the Dapp industry and be a channel that brings ordinary users without technical crypto knowledge into Dapps usage. The best technology is always invisible.

Part I: Overview of IOST On-Chain Data

As of GMT 04:00:00 AM on April 12, 2019

  • Number of Dapps: 11
  • Number of IOST Partner Nodes: 233
  • Number of transactions: 26,662,457
  • Number of contracts deployed on chain: 68
  • Number of accounts: 218,396 (close to 4x from two weeks ago)

Part II: Dapps On-Boarding Progress

In the spirit of Dapp discovery, the IOST Foundation will share new Dapps built on IOST with the community. However, if you see this disclaimer, please be mindful that this is a third-party developed application. This is not an endorsement by the Foundation. No due diligence has been done by the Foundation. As such, please do your own research before using the Dapp. In event of uncertainty, please do not use.

1. Mango Dice

Mango Dice is a dice game that allows users to play dice via smart contracts.

Users can play Mango Dice on its homepage through the iWallet plugin:

If you have any questions about Mango Dice, you can contact the team over Telegram:

2. IOST Play

IOSTPlay is a next-generation digital gaming platform that aims to create an engaging platform that is fun, fast, and fair.

The platform launched with three games: Dice, Limbo, and Ring. As IOSTPlay grows and receives additional funding, they will release more complex and varied offerings.

IOSTPlay aims to reward its community and incentivise participation through the use of iPLAY token. Players can receive iPLAY tokens by playing any IOSTPlay game, which entitles the holder to a percentage of game profit.

Learn more about IOSTPlay on its website:

IOSTPlay Official Telegram:

3. GameABC

GameABC is a dice game already available on multiple public chains. It aims to improve the transparency and fairness of the game by combining the two advantages of blockchain: transparency and immutability.

Users who wish to try out GameABC can do so via iWallet at their website:

To contact the GameABC team, you can join their Telegram group:

Part III: Dapp Ecosystem Progress

1. Cobo Wallet Supports IOST Dapps

Following TokenPocket, Cobo is another wallet to fully support IOST DApps. Users can access DApps on IOST through the wallet on their phones.

2. DAppTotal Launched Exclusive Section for IOST Dapps

DAppTotal gathers data on the entire IOST chain and divides Dapps into sub-categories. Users can check statistics about IOST Dapps on DAppTotal, including Transactions 24H, Volume 24H, Users 24H, Transactions 24H, Volume 24H, Balance, etc.

On a single Dapp page, line charts of DAU, Volume, Balance, Transactions and other key information in one week or one month are presented. Users can see detailed information at a glance, and learn about various IOST Dapps quickly and easily.

3. DAPPX Launched Exclusive Section for IOST Dapps

DAPPX is a Dapp application distribution platform dedicated to improving application evaluation and screening mechanism. DAPPX separates itself from other distribution platforms by providing services across both DApp development and exploration. It helps developers and users to enter the world of blockchain, and help users finish the complete cycle management of discovery, exploration and sharing.

Build On IOST Today!

In order to develop long-term and stable partnership with developers, we are excited to share how the performance advantages of the IOST blockchain and our decentralized Proof-of-Believability consensus mechanism can benefit Dapp development teams to create a win-win situation between ecosystem growth and our partner developers.

IOST provides a complete solution of technical support, media and PR support, user growth support, node support and many other resources for our Dapp partners.

We welcome more developers to join the development of Dapps on the IOST blockchain, and let your Dapps be used by users from all over the world!



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