IOST Bi-Weekly Report | IOST Presented To State Leaders In China, Launches Token Economy On Japanese Island

Dec 31, 2019 · 6 min read

IOST Bi-Weekly Report is a publication to share IOST’s latest community development, global market expansion and ecosystem developments with IOST community.

The IOST Foundation thanks our community for your continued support. Your advice is welcomed and valued here.

A. Technical Ecosystem


Community Q&A Technical support

v3.3.2 requirements confirmed

Calculation and verification of LOL airdrop

LOL Contribution Reward Distribution and Verification

[Testing platform & Maintenance]

Node integration & exit procedure

B. Community Growth

C. Mainnet Statistics

D Ecosystem Development

On December 21, China’s Hall Of The People held the 17th China’s Enterprise Development & Blockchain Forum. With IOST as the only blockchain project invited to attend this prestigious Forum. Co-founder Terry Wang will give a speech covering blockchain technology adoption as a special guest at the Forum.

Attendees included China’s state leaders, over 30 mayors and deputy mayors, local trade association representatives, national strategists, representatives from more than 100 state-owned enterprises and over 300 privately-owned companies. This is the highest-level forum IOST has attended so far, and it is the first time that IOST has appeared in an event spanning the corporate, government, and academic circles.

The 17th China’s Enterprise Development & Blockchain Forum was held in the Great Hall Of The People on Dec 21. As the sole blockchain project invited, IOST’s CTO Terry delivered a speech on how to practically integrate blockchain and the real economy.

In 2020, based on the development model of IOST + Aiou Technology, public and consortium chains will work together to bring better To B-end technical support to Chinese enterprises. After the meeting, the China Enterprise Federation decided to take IOST and Aiou Technology to Xinan, Huazhong, Huabei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places to conduct further exploration and cooperation on blockchain + real economy with companies in various industries.

On December 21, the 17th China Enterprise Development Forum and China Blockchain Enterprise Development Forum were grandly held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. As the only invited speaker in the field of blockchain projects, Terry, co-founder of IOST, conducted a forward-looking analysis of the technical characteristics and security architecture of blockchain in social services such as public welfare and government applications. At the licensing ceremony of “Consensus Directors of the China Software Industry Association Blockchain Branch”, IOST and Aiou Technology are honored to be the first members of the consensus committee issued by the China Software Industry Association. Other consensus members include Inno Fund, Tencent Virtual Bank, Tsinghua Internet Industry Research Institute, Guangzhou Radio Group, etc.

On December 11, 2019, Makoto, head of IOST’s Japanese market and IOST node partner PHI were invited to participate in a public exchange meeting on business leaders for social issues held within the Japanese Parliament building.

At the meeting, Makoto Oto, Head of IOST’s Japanese market, talked about the development of IOST blockchain technology and presented GUILD, an application project of blockchain technology in the reform of existing processes with Mr. Takashi Oka from PHI.

Recently, IOST Japanese node PHI conducted a token economy experiment on Yoron Island. On Yoron, locals and visitors could complete quests like collecting garbage and promoting Yoron island on social media in exchange for tokens through POTAL, an APP developed by IOST node PHI. Then, people can use those tokens for shopping or participating in traditional handcraft experiences. At its initial experimenting stage, this project has already reached multiple partnerships with businesses and local governments. This will have a profound impact on blockchain technology’s empowerment of the real economy.

On December 25, 2019, Beijing time, the November airdrop for the IOST voters and lock-up users’ long term airdrop plan has been issued except BISS.

Based off snapshots of all voters’ accounts throughout the mainnet voting between November 1 to November 31, IOST has issued a total of 10,500,000 LOL tokens as airdrop to our loyal holders.

On Dec 16th, according to statistics, IOST reaches top 4 of all chains based on the activity of blockchain. In addition, according to IOSTABC data, as of 16:34 on December 16, 2019, the number of IOST mainnet transactions has exceeded 150 million, reaching 150,151,639. This shows that the IOST mainnet is being actively used by a large number of users and has been recognized and valued by everyone.

On December 13, the 27th TokenInsight “DialogChief” live broadcast was successfully held. IOST co-founder/CTO Terry was invited to attend this program to talk about the breakthrough of independent innovation of the public blockchain in 2020. Well-known media in the industry, Jinse, Chainde, Star Daily, etc. also attended this program as media observers.

Terry said that as a disruptive technology, blockchain is definitely not limited only to applications in a certain field, but involves all aspects of the scene. Therefore, each field is important and worth exploring in depth, such as: supply chain, culture and entertainment, financial services, medical and health, IP copyright, education, Internet of things, communications and other fields.

E. DApp Development

On 23rd Dec, Krypton officially opened up IOST planet in its app and launched their hot cross-chain staking game Krypton Tycoon. As a cross-chain multiplayer game, Krypton tycoon officially launched on Dec 27 this season. The war of this season will start among IOST, Ethereum, and Zilliqa.

Krypton Tycoon is a multiplayer online simulation game. The game adopts the season system mode. In each season, players are divided into four camps to fight for and win the center of the world to win the season. Unlike traditional pay-to-play games, Krypton Tycoon uses an original combination of gaming and staking mode. Players can stake to receive card drawing opportunities. Drawing cards does not only get high combat power and therefore gaining a combat advantage in the game but also get stable rewards in the combat power prize pool. Users can also redeem their cards for IOST at any time after the season.



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