IOST Bug Bounty Program: Building a Secure Blockchain

Kevin Tan
Kevin Tan
Jan 5, 2019 · 3 min read
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What is the “Guardian Code Review Program”?

The Guardian Code Review Program is a bug bounty program launched by the IOST developer community and invites developers from all over the world to help IOST in reviewing its code, increase the security level of the IOST mainnet, and earn significant bounties in the process.

How Developers Can Review the IOST Code?

All released source code is available on IOST’s Github page:

1.General Security of Blockchain:

  • Flaws of IOST’s general user experience
  • Flaws of functions and designs

2.Web Security

  • Information serialization and de-serialization
  • Stability of web connection
  • Buffer management

3.Security of Protocols

  • P2P protocols
  • Security of V8VM
  • Security of cryptographic primitive
  • Security of VM

4.Security of Transactions

  • Security of executing transactions
  • Security of ledgers

5.Security of Smart Contracts

  • Security of smart contract management
  • Security of authentication of contract system

6.Security of Other Applications

  • Security of IOST wallets, plug-ins etc

Risk Levels And Ranges of Bounties:

Risk levels will be divided incrementally as: A/A+, B/B+, C/C+, D/D+. Bounty rewards will be linked to these risk levels as follows:

Lvl 1 Risk: A/A+ Bounty: 120,000–500,000 IOST

  • Potential systematic flaws, including access to server, access to data, access to website administration, transaction manipulations etc.

Lvl 2 Risk: B/B+ Bounty: 60,000–120,000 IOST

  • Potential risks of leaks or manipulation of user accounts: private keys, user’s sensitive information and data etc
  • Potential leaks of system’s sensitive information, source code etc
  • Risks of having negative impact on transaction speed of main net or loss of crypto assets

Lvl 3 Risk: C/C+ Bounty: 30,000–60,000 IOST

  • Risks of being unable to implement transactions
  • Leaks of insensitive information of users that may not cause direct loss of assets

Lvl 4 Risk: D/D+ Bounty: 10,000–30,000 IOST

  • Problems of user experience of IOST main net

How To Report Bugs Detected:

IOST will review and quickly reply once a developer completes the form and submits:

Rules of Bug Bounty Program:

  • The IOST Bug Bounty Program is limited to the latest version of code.
  • Security optimization should follow the principle of self-realization.
  • Problems caused by same source should be considered as 1 bug.
  • Only when the process of “Bug submission — Project verification — Improvements” is completed can a contributor receive the bounties.
  • IOST has the responsibility of publishing its improvements after a bug is detected within 2 weeks.
  • Any vicious attacks, stealing of user data or abuse of intellectual property in the name of reviewing the code will be investigated by IOST.
  • IOST reserves the right of final interpretation.

Developer Community on Slack

Developer’s participation in IOST node applications

This week in our developer community on Slack, many developers also expressed their interests in becoming IOST’s nodes. We would welcome more developers to apply for and participate in IOST’s node election!


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