IOST Creative Community Contest

We’re always amazed at the range of talents and interests that the IOST community members have. Recently, we’ve been busy working on ways to connect with developers, KOLs and Partners/Nodes to create helpful content for others while rewarding them for their contributions. During that process, we haven’t forgotten about our core: the users and early adopters.

We’re interested in what you have to say, so we’re expanding the IOST Tech Essay Contest to engage our wider communities and open up avenues for our community members to contribute to the IOST ecosystem through the IOST Creative Community Contest. Share with us your thoughts, in-depth project comparisons, graphics, videos, or any other content you feel contributes positively to the IOST community. Apart from project development, IOST also sees high importance of delivering useful information and education to our IOST community as a whole.

All selected content will be posted on IOST’s publications and social media channels.

Suggested Content

  • IOST Videos (Branding, “Explainer” Videos, Project Comparisons)
  • IOST Graphics, Gifs, Memes
  • IOST Voting Guides in different languages
  • FAQs in different languages

IOST Explainers and Introductions

  • Introductions, explanations and overviews of IOST technologies
  • Commentary on ecosystem development
  • Community related content

Other themes relate to the blockchain technology, Dapp development, IOST ecosystem and the IOST project.


  1. Length: 300–3000 words. Images, graphics and other media is an added bonus.
  2. Range of rewards: 25–200 USD equivalence of IOST.
  3. Article submission: by email to with subject line “IOST Community Contest”.
  4. No time limit. Submissions will remain open and articles will be assessed and rewards paid out on an ongoing basis.
  5. IOST team will evaluate the content in aspects of length, technical value and creativity.
  6. The content needs to be original. Translations and quotations cannot be more than 30% of total content.
  7. IOST team will assist the contributors on offering detailed project information.
  8. IOST team decisions are final.

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