IOST Developer Bounties Upgrade! More Developers Are Welcome to Join

Developer Bounties Upgrade!

Following the launch of IOST Mainnet, Olympus v1.0, the IOST ecosystem is growing swiftly and we are looking for more developers to join our community. Our Developer community on Slack ( is IOST’s core developer community, and we are glad to announce an all-round upgrade of our Developer Bounty Program and the release of IOST Invitation Mechanism.

As a member in IOST community developer, developer can recommend IOST Developer Bounties to other developers, and invite them to join IOST developer community on Slack to win rewards. There are two types of rewards:

  1. Invitation Rewards
    Invite your developer friends to join IOST’s Developer community on Slack ( After inviting, please share with the community about these developers such as their backgrounds, languages etc. Every 10 developers invited will be rewarded with IOST equivalent to 25 USD.
  2. Development Bonuses 
    If a developer invited by a community member successfully claims a bounty project, the community member can win up to 20% bonus based on the bounty of the project claimed.

IOST developer community:

Recently IOST has launched a series of bounties aiming at building long-term relationship with developers and finding strengths of these developers. Bounties launched include: developer bounties for project development; bug bounty for mainnet security; article contest for delivering and sharing opinions to communities; Dapp referral bounty for inviting more Dapps to be developed on IOST.

Bounty Program for Project Development

1. IOST Online IDE

  • IDE that can be used to compile, deploy, and invoke smart contracts. The IOST online IDE will provide a range of smart contract templates (optional) and a powerful online editor.
  • Tasks include: Code editor and interface editor, compiler, debugger; other functions include: plug-ins, code obfuscation and version control; integration.

2. IOST Mac/ PC wallet

  • Functions of digital asset management, which include but not limited to:call of transactions; acceptance of transactions; overview of historical transactions and other wallet data.

3.Multi-language SDK (Swift, Kotlin)

4.Hardware Wallet Integration (Trezor, KeepPay, Nano Ledger)

  • Development of hardware wallet integration which relates to IOST’s mainnet Token management.Tasks include: key management; token and transaction management

Click below to see detailed introduction of IOST Developer Bounty Program:

Bug Bounty Program

Developers and white hats are welcomed to give us suggestions on: general security of blockchain; web security; security of protocols; security of transactions; security of smart contracts; security of other applications.

Click below to see detailed introduction of Bug Bounty Program:

Tech Article Contest

We would like our community developers to share IOST’s blockchain technology and as well as useful content to IOST and other developer communities. The topics of articles could be:

  • IOST Dapp development guide
  • IOST smart contract development guide
  • Dapp design and development experience sharing
  • Introduction of IOST development document
  • Introduction and analysis of IOST V8VM (Virtual Machine)
  • Introduction and analysis of IOST PoB (Proof of Believability) consensus
  • Introductions, explanations and overviews of IOST technologies
  • Commentary on ecosystem development
  • Analysis and assessment of IOST
  • Comparison with other projects

Submission email:

Please send an email of interest to the submission email and communicate with the IOST team before you start writing your content.

Dapp Referral Program

Through recommending excellent Dapps and Dapp teams to IOST, developers will be rewarded once IOST team established collaborations with them.

Click below for detailed introduction of Dapp Referral Program: