IOST Developer Bounty Program Update: 10th Week

This is the 10th Week since the launch of IOST Developer Bounty Program. Developers are welcomed to join us on Slack and have direct communications with our tech team:

This week we received 8 applications and so far, all prioritized tasks are now claimed.

  • Multi-language SDKs (Kotlin, Swift) : 1 application
  • Mobile Wallet: 1 application
  • Smart Contract Development Framework: 4 applications
  • Hardware Wallet Integration: 1 application
  • Mac/PC Wallet: 1 application

Project Updates

  1. @ouyang team for mobile wallet: Completed establishing framework of react native, which include: react native + rxjs + redux + redux-observable + redux-persist + react-redux + react-navigation.
  2. @Binary.storms for Ruby SDK: Finished transaction signing; refactored the code to work with the latest testnet. Next steps will be development of series of transaction functions.
  3. @Ashe24 has completed the translation of French development document.

Developer Community on Slack

  1. IOST developer community launched “DApp Referral Program” and encourages people to refer to us DApp teams that can work with ISOT. Referrers could receive a considerable amount of rewards. Referral Submission:
  2. Since the launch of IOST Tech Essay Contest, we received 9 applications from communities. IOST is communicating with the applicants to determine topics and contents. The articles will be published later. Submit your article:
  3. ”IOST Global Developer Meetup Series” continues this week. IOST tech team visited Philippines on 26th Jan, and visited Singapore on 28th Jan for holding workshops about DApps development. IOST’s CTO Terrence Wang had in-depth discussions with local developer communities. It is evident that Southeast Asia will be one of the most important markets for blockchain and IOST would attract more developers come from emerging markets.