IOST Dice — Dubious Dapp Alert

It has come to the attention of the IOST Foundation that IOST Dice, a Dapp found on TokenPocket, may be of dubious nature.

Following early user complaints of losing their IOST tokens which we been alerted to in the IOST and IOST Dice communities, we are flagging this Dapp and alerting users that using this Dapp can be HIGHLY UNSAFE.

Some user complaints include:

  • Phone stalling and the tokens disappearing after reloading the app.
  • The betting amount increased substantially after betting was initiated, and user claimed to have lost all the tokens held in the wallet.

We encourage our users not to play on this Dapp so as to avoid any unwanted and unforeseen losses. As a public permissionless blockchain, IOST does not have the ability to shut down Dapps. This is similar to how Ethereum, a public permissionless blockchain, will not be able to remove certain dubious Dapps found on Ethereum.

However, as part of our affirmative action to protect and safeguard our user community, the IOST Foundation endeavours to flag Dapps of dubious nature and where possible, work with our ecosystem partners to help our community avoid them.

Do note that if users still choose to use this Dapp, the IOST Foundation is not liable nor responsible for any losses, financial or non-financial, that arise from such actions.