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IOST Global Alliance — A Decentralized, Autonomous Ecosystem Initiative By IOST Nodes

The IOST Foundation believes in the decentralized and autonomous governance of our community and fully supports community members, especially partner nodes, to be fully engaged in and lead ecosystem development. This will not only enable the greatest momentum possible to push IOST forward, but also realize a higher level of decentralization. Therefore, the Foundation is excited to see the launch of the IOST Global Alliance, a Node-led coalition aiming to contribute to the ecosystem.

To consolidate resources, promote decentralization and increase engagement and action in the greater IOST community, multiple node representatives from around the world have partnered together to form the IOST Global Alliance (IGA).

Who Are The IGA Initial Members?

According to the IGA, initial membership within the alliance is comprised of IOST node representatives from various countries:

  • Attic Lab,
  • Bitboy Crypto,
  • BlockArcade,
  • CryptoStache,
  • “Chris” (Community Member),
  • Guppys,
  • InsideIOST,
  • IOSTCash,
  • IOSTPlay,
  • IOST Toronto,
  • IOSTWatch,
  • Metanyx
  • Sutler Ventures.

What Are The Initial Goals Of the IGA?

IGA states that their initial goals will be to:

  • Work alongside IOST, ICAC, and other IOST organizations to help achieve their goals for the protocol.
  • Increase awareness of the IOST blockchain across the globe, with a focus on Western and English-speaking markets.
  • Create a “Project Fund” that awards those who further the awareness of the IOST blockchain through DApp development.
  • Sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote the IOST blockchain.
  • Identify a niche market and build out a robust SDK that is superior to the competitors.

Why IGA?

“A decentralized project needs a team of dedicated community members to succeed. The IGA is a formalized effort by committed IOST community partners & nodes to push forward this project that we deeply believe in.”

— Bitboy Crypto

“We believe in fair and transparent decentralized networks through the promotion of distributed node frameworks and engaged user-bases.”

— Mike Finch, Founder, Sutler Ventures

“(We) look forward to growing the IOST ecosystem with the rest of the IGA”

— Metanyx Team

Want To Join The IOST Global Alliance?

The IGA is open to all nodes and influencers that are committed to furthering the ideals stated above, as well as the future growth of the IOST network. Interested parties keen to join the IGA, please visit their official website and fill out a member application form.

The first public IGA meeting will occur on September 24, 2019, at 5:00 pm EST.




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