IOST & Media Company GameTea to Foster Blockchain Gaming with “Blockchain Gaming Entrepreneurs Camp”

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6 min readJun 9, 2020

On May 27th, IOST co-founder Terry and GameTea CEO Wang Jialun signed the “Blockchain Gaming Entrepreneurship Camp” project contract to provide game developers with comprehensive incubation support & to foster blockchain gaming industry. With this plan, IOST also aims to support the creation of 3 explosive gaming DApps this year.

IOST X GameTea: Powering Blockchain Gaming

GameTea- a reputable blockchain gaming media company is well-known for its high-quality first-line resources.

In a bid to further deepen cooperation with the GameTea team and achieve a win-win situation for the development of the GameTea community and the IOST gaming ecosystem, on May 27, 2020, at the IGS Chengdu International Digital Culture and Creative Industry Summit, IOST co-founder Terry and Wang Jialun, CEO of GameTea, officially announced the Blockchain Gaming Entrepreneurship Camp.

This forum was co-organized by the IGS Committee and GameTea. It gathered many blockchain gaming industry leaders and developers, all of them gave speeches and conducted debates afterward. Mr. Wang Jialun, CEO of GameTea opened the forum with a welcoming speech. He combed the development of blockchain games in recent years, summed up the advantages of blockchain gaming business models, NFT props on-chain, value sharing, and many other aspects. He also shared his thoughts and prospect for the future development of blockchain gaming.

-People’s Daily Online Sichuan-

Note: The People’s Daily (人民日报) is the largest newspaper group in China. The paper is an official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, published worldwide with a circulation of 3 million. It provides direct information on the policies and viewpoints of the Chinese Communist Party.

Announcement of the Blockchain Gaming Entrepreneurship Camp

In 2020, IOST and GameTea will jointly work on the Blockchain Gaming Entrepreneurship Camp to provide game developers with comprehensive incubation support and enable the growing adoption of blockchain games.

IOST is to :

  • provide the development teams with services such as traditional games to blockchain modification and game props “NFTization”
  • revitalize traditional games while allowing more users to understand the blockchain technology and its benefits
  • provide a full set of support tools for small and medium-sized game development teams, including but not limited to technology, funding, advertisement, and volume.

GameTea is to:

  • tap on its rich resources in China to provide developer teams with free office space, project proposals, game designs, media communication, and game community operation support
GameTea offices
GameTea meeting rooms

IOST will provide:

  • Technical support
  • Volume support
  • Financial support
  • Operations Support
  • Recruitment & business partners
  • Exposure
  • High-quality DApp ecosystem

GameTea will provide:

  • Free office space
  • Project proposal, game design
  • Media communications, interviews, events
  • Game community operation

Blockchain Gaming Entrepreneurship Camp is initiated to build a dynamic IOST blockchain gaming ecosystem and unlock the potentials of high-quality blockchain game developers through the rich industry resources and user resources in the ecosystem. This plan will cultivate the growth of the IOST blockchain gaming ecosystem, eventually, hatch the most explosive gaming DApps, and promote the widespread acquisition of blockchain technology.

All gaming industry potential partners are welcome to contact us and create value together.

Contact email:

IOST 2020 Blockchain Gaming Development Plan: HQ DApps

Since the beginning, IOST highly values the development of blockchain games and is committed to creating a leading blockchain gaming ecosystem.

In 2019, IOST approached traditional game developers and launched more than 10 blockchain games such as Legend of Legendary Sword Heroes 5 and IOST Legend. IOST Legends opened a new phase of the IOST gaming ecosystem as traditional users could finally enter in the blockchain gaming ecosystem and experience high-quality blockchain games while receiving high dividends.

In addition, IOST has also launched CryptoNinja, Herorats, XPET monster world, IOST crypto Three Kingdoms (Sanguo), Eternal Fafnir, Krypton Tycoon and other high-quality game DApps.

CryptoNinja, as the first fully-blockchained DApp, fully embodies the value of blockchain technology; Herorats combines games and public welfare to open up new ideas for blockchain gaming; XPET Monster World achieved cross-chain mapping, which has been well received by a large number of players.

In Q1 2020, DAppBirds launched the first musical game Cube 6; the fast-paced, FoundGame Corporation launched the easy-to-use card game “Destiny Showdown; and otbTrade has rejuvenated IOST ecosystem with its DeFi DApp.

In Q2, Super player developed by Krypton, and the nautical theme game “Coin Voyage” created by the original team of IOST’s most popular DApp “Encryption Three Kingdoms” have both been added on the agenda.

Next steps: Quality and Compliance.

1. Focus on in-depth cooperations with traditional game development teams

Focus on in-depth cooperation with more established game development teams from the traditional gaming industry, offering cooperation in the areas of economic design, technical development, integrated billing, operating solutions and technical tools to expand the current blockchain gaming market footprint.

2. Promote NFT transformation of traditional game props

In 2020, IOST will focus on the NFT transformation of game props, aiming to link the blockchain games and assets in the IOST ecosystem through the NFT standard, open up the isolation between games, and realize the mapping and reuse of NFT assets between multiple independent games.

3. Support high-quality blockchain games

Based on the cooperation between IOST and GameTea, IOST will continue to focus on the construction of the IOST blockchain gaming ecosystem in 2020, and provide more possibilities for high-quality game developers through the rich industry resources and user resources both companies have.

With the joint efforts of IOST, GameTea, and industry leaders, in 2020, IOST will help in the development of three explosive blockchain games, use blockchain technology to empower the gaming industry, and truly show the value of game assets to reach the hearts of the users!

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