IOST Nodes Showcase | 9 New Nodes Join The Ecosystem, IOST Staking Ratio Grows to 31%

Aug 13, 2019 · 6 min read

To provide greater transparency to our community on the growth and development of the IOST ecosystem, the Foundation has added a new series of reports — IOST Nodes Showcase. This will complement the other two reports we give to our community — the IOST Bi-Weekly Report and the DApps Roundup.

The IOST Nodes Showcase shares about the progress and outstanding contributions of IOST Nodes. We will also introduce some of the latest elected nodes who have joined the IOST ecosystem to our community in this on-going series.

Please contact IOST team if you are a Node and desire your contribution to be included in this report. Please take note that each volume of the IOST Nodes Showcase should only cover recent contributions.

(I) Partner Nodes Summary

As of 17:30, August 12th (Beijing Time)

  • IOST Candidate Nodes: 366
  • IOST Elected Nodes: 149
  • Staking Volume: 3.7 billion IOST
  • Staking Ratio: 31%

Data source: IOSTABC Explorer

(II) New Partner Nodes Showcase

IM POOL is the leading zero-threshold, multi-cryptocurrencies and multi-pool management platform in China, which is incubated by Filestorer blockchain Tech.&Science co., Ltd. and 21Vianet Broad Band Data Center Co., Ltd. IM POOL has acquired Swedish VIINAB Company, which will help IOST internationalize and build communities in European countries. IM POOL has a strong hardware R&D team and software system development team and is also the first Chinese technical team invited to the IPFS Developers Conference. IM POOL has rich experience in operation and maintenance of mine and mining pool, and has operational experiences across PoW, PoC, PoS, DPoS and other consensus mechanisms.

DFG Crypto is a Token Fund under Digital Finance Group.Founded in 2015, Digital Finance Group is a comprehensive group company with investment, M&A, and incubation as its main business. DFG has nearly 300 employees around the globe, with offices in Shanghai, San Francisco, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Seoul. DFG Crypto acquired and incubated several blockchain projects, including (a) Matrix, a regulated spot exchange holding IPA license issued by Abu Dhabi (ADGM); (b) AToken, a decentralized wallet with 1 million users and ~50,000 DAUs; and (c) BIKA, a professional market information product that provides investors with one-stop digital asset information services. DFG Crypto has also acquired the former Mytoken team and the Exchange Union project (based in Europe) for its operations.

Chain Topic is dedicated to the professional sharing of blockchain technology, digital assets of sound financial management. Its vision is “code is law, privacy is freedom, computing is power”. With the arrival of 5G, the application prospect of blockchain in the Internet era is believed to be the next global golden age.

IOST Tiger is by Wang Xiaohu, who hails from political science at the Minzu University of China. Wang had worked in various blockchain technology companies including blockchain finance media and blockchain projects. IOST Tiger is attracted by the technology, decentralization potential, vision and governance system of IOST. IOST Tiger aims to promote IOST through hundreds of WeChat groups, Weibo, media, university community groups etc to grow further awareness of IOST. IOST Tiger wants to educate the mass public on the huge potential of IOST, bring millions of users into the IOST network, and make IOST a top 20 project in 2019!

6. IOST Guangzhou

IOST Guangzhou is dedicated to IOST promotion. Over the last two years, IOST Guangzhou community has been growing rapidly. With a huge user base of blockchain enthusiasts who are learning, sharing, and exploring new knowledge together, IOST Guangzhou will help to expand IOST’s reach and influence.

BlockArcade is a team of entrepreneurs with experience building and delivering end-user applications. In the past, BlockArcade team has used Node.js, React/Redux, Electron, Go, C/C++, WebAssembly, and WordPress to build apps. After building on Ethereum, BlockArcade is looking for something that will enable us to build real (user-friendly) applications today, and they believe that it is IOST! Looking forward to working with the community.

Paradigm Fund is a group of industry experts and crypto enthusiasts, PhDs and graduates from the top universities investing in crypto space since 2013 with a strong track record including investments in top projects at ICO stages. The team has created Paradigm Citadel to provide a vast variety of support to the most promissing crypto projects including media coverage, developing tools for bootstrapping early stage ecosystems, launching nodes, participating in PoS systems as bakers/guardians/validators and other consensus model roles, providing community support. is an emerging FinTech startup providing blockchain-related information and data services. has a great team of professional information and data processing experts located in Beijing, Shanghai and San Francisco.Embracing its unique approach of cooperation with peers around the world, dedicates to growing into a world leading Blockchain data and information provider. At, we work to serve industrial players in the Blockchain and FinTech space.

(III) Partner Node Ecosystem Contributions

Inside IOST updated their website with new functions: free account creation, voting and rewards claim for voters. Together with their rewards calculator and weekly podcast and Youtube updates, users can experience one-stop IOST service and learn more about IOST ecosystem at one place.

BlockDevs Asia held another successful event regarding blockchain gambling. The event is part of BlockDevs series of events for blockchain enthusiasts and blockchain builders. BlockDevsAsia presented IOST games and explained them from tech side. Their next step will be some hands on courses and boosting out games.

BEPAL-incubated Staking2 platform released EMOGI analysis:

​Lianchaguan created a new column for IOST and conducted an interview with EMOGI team. They successfully gave a systematic introduction on EMOGI and its broad application scenario.

​Liebi Pool attended SLUSH Entrepreneur Conference. They represented IOST and promoted IOST voting and staking methods.

Join the IOST Community!

Just two months after the launch of mainnet, IOST is now one of the Big 4 Public Chains for DApps alongside Ethereum, EOS and Tron. IOST has already surpassed Ethereum in the number of transactions made on the network. IOST will continue work hand in hand with developers and our community to build the world’s first scalable AND decentralized blockchain project, with a vision of on-boarding over 100 million users by 2019.

If you would like to hang out with the IOST community on chat, social media or to discuss product development, we have something for everyone:



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