IOST Nodes Showcase | European Partnerships Established and Jetstream Wallet Launched!

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The IOST Nodes Showcase shares about the progress and outstanding contributions of IOST Nodes. We will also introduce some of the latest elected nodes who have joined the IOST ecosystem to our community in this ongoing series.

Please contact the IOST team if you are a Node and desire your contribution to be included in this report. Please take note that each volume of the IOST Nodes Showcase should only cover recent contributions.

(I) Partner Nodes Summary

As of 14:30, February 15, 2020 (GMT +8)

IOST Candidate Nodes: 417

IOST Elected Nodes: 150

Voting Volume: ~4.06 billion IOST

Vote Ratio: 33.78%

Data source: IOSTABC Explorer

Contribution rewards and dividends for Q4 2019 have all been distributed.

Contribution rewards and dividends for Q4 2019 have been fully distributed to all partners and the rewards for voters who pledged via centralized platforms will be distributed by the corresponding platforms. With regard to the BISS platform, the BISS team has re-established contact with IOST Foundation and IOST team is now working with them to ensure the correct distribution of voting rewards to the community. IOST will urge BISS to distribute the rewards to voters as soon as possible.

In addition, on February 7, BISS announced that all trading functions of the platform will be closed at 12:00 (GMT +8) on February 15, 2020. Upon the request of IOST, BISS has agreed to extend the withdrawal period to 20th Feb. All blockchain asset deposits will be closed at the same time.

To all voters on BISS: Please withdraw your votes from BISS and re-vote through other decentralized platforms as soon as possible.

How to vote for IOST nodes in a decentralized fashion? Check out the link below:

(II) Partner Nodes Showcase


IOST partner node PeckShield Technologies has optimized the on-chain monitoring program for IOST. It includes a complete early-warning mechanism for abnormal displays of the blockchain browser, abnormal DApp data and changes in account permissions. It can detect problems in advance and respond quickly.


Metanyx published an article reviewing its accomplishments in 2019 and their plans for 2020. The article mentions that IOST’s foundation has been rock solid since the mainnet launch in March 2019 -with 0 downtime and producing blocks at a rate of 172,800 blocks/day (500ms)- and that Metanyx will work with IOST Foundation on even more enterprise blockchain solutions on 2020. Metanyx will also be attending a variety of Blockchain-focused events in the UK and other European countries this quarter.

  • Blockchain Week, London March 5–6th 2020
  • ISC2020, Edinburgh University March 11th, 2020
  • Blockchain Expo, London March 17–18th, 2020

You can read more in:


IOST partner HashQuark developed an IOST DApp deployment tutorial. Although the tutorial was developed under a local testnet, all described methods are fully compatible with the IOST mainnet as both networks share the same procedures. It plays an important role in guiding the DApp development teams that join the IOST ecosystem, making it even easier for them to deploy the DApps on the IOST chain.

For more information please consult (in Chinese):


IOST TOOL upgraded iWallet and enabled DApp requests to sign arbitrary strings. The signed string is specified by the DApp and the signature method returns the signed result to the DApp. This will help traditional games even more easily “chainify”.

Tutorial link:


In Zurich, Switzerland (known as the Crypto Valley), IOST partner node PHI, IOST co-founder Terry, IOST head of Japanese market Makoto, professor Furrer of MME and the Swiss government agency S-GE had a business meeting organized by the Swiss Embassy in Japan and discussed the development and establishment of a PHI subsidiary to promote IOST in Switzerland.


IOST’s Japanese Blockchain Power Trading Project participated in Japan’s ENEX Smart Energy Exhibition.

The organization of the stand was under the responsibility of IOST partner EverSystem and elDesign, during the event, they introduced the IOST based power trading system to the attendants. This project is carried out by IOST in cooperation with the government of Fujimi-cho, Nagano and Japan’s third-largest electric power company. It is a large-scale application example of blockchain technology in electric energy.


IOST Q.E.D launched Jetstream, a new Chrome extension wallet that supports IOST and enables users to create free IOST accounts, access to various dApps and vote for their favorite nodes, and now with multi-language support!


IOST.BEST NODE published their 2019 Q4 contribution review and profitability analysis. Check it out at:

IOST Stache

IOST Stache released a video about the BISS exchange closure, urging voters to withdraw their tokens as soon as possible.

IOST Watch

With IOST mainnet 1st anniversary approaching, IOST partner IOSTWatch published a comparison series on how IOST fared against other popular public chains.

The first volume compares IOST vs Ethereum.

The second compares IOST vs EOS

Additionally, they also released the latest IOST weekly report.

Join The IOST Community!

IOST’s Partner Program is widely praised as the globally leading staking program by numerous blockchain research institutions with attractive returns, low risk and ease of use being some of the key program highlights. To learn more and participate in one of the world’s top staking program, please visit:

If you would like to hang out with the IOST community on chat, social media or to discuss product development, we have something for everyone:



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