IOST Partners Reminder | Q2 Contribution Reports and Rewards Coming Up!

Jun 19, 2019 · 3 min read

The IOST network is comprised of Nodes run by our community ensuring security, decentralization and self-governance. IOST encourages all parties to join the Partners Program and help build the IOST ecosystem while earning rewards, sharing profits and shaping the future of IOST.

Contribution Rewards Review for Q1

IOST’s unique contribution rewards mechanism safeguards the smooth operation of its partners ecosystem. By quantifying each partner’s contribution, IOST presents a fair and transparent partners tier ranking and rewards them accordingly. Here in IOST, all inputs into the ecosystem will be seen, valued and rewarded!

IOST paid out more than 25 million IOST as contribution rewards (including dividends) in Quarter One, 22 days from Mar 10th to March 31st. Partner nodes in all five tiers (especially in tier one and two) and their voters received attractive rewards for their contributions.

14 partner nodes made outstanding contributions to IOST ecosystem in their respective areas and won the highest rewards (See the list as follow). We expect to see more inputs by our nodes in Q2.

Category distribution across five tiers in Q1
Total IOST token Contribution Reward System payout per tier and per node for Q1

For more detailed information: IOST Contribution Reward System — Results and Rankings

Q2 Rewards Coming Up!

The second quarter of IOST Partners Program lasts 91 days, from April 1st to June 30th, with major increases in both rewards for partners and dividends for voters. We are looking forward to more contributions from our partners.

Q2 is wrapping up now with 12 days left. IOST would like to gently remind our partners to take advantage of the time remaining and make more contributions to win huge rewards.

Potential contributions include (non-exhaustive):

Join the IOST Partners Program!

IOST offers excellent returns on investment for both partner nodes and their voters. We hope that attractive rewards can encourage Servi Nodes and Partner Nodes to continue and grow their contributions to the ecosystem and together with IOST, construct the first scalable and decentralized blockchain ecosystem.

Voting in IOST is open forever. Your votes for partners do not only bring you huge dividends, but also the right to shape the future of IOST. Meanwhile, application for partner nodes is also open forever without a deadline or node cap. We hope that more partner nodes would participate in IOST community governance and ecosystem construction while receiving huge rewards and sharing profits.

Learn more: IOST Partners Program | Servi & Partner Node Registration

Apply to become an IOST partner node:



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