IOST Bi-Weekly Report | IOST Cofounder Terry Wang Speaks On China’s National TV, Garners Stellar Reviews From Multiple National Media Covering The Show!

Nov 6, 2019 · 4 min read

IOST Bi-Weekly Report is a publication to share IOST’s latest community development, global market expansion and ecosystem developments with IOST community.

The IOST Foundation thanks our community for your continued support. Your advice is welcomed and valued here.

(A) Community Growth

(B) Mainnet Statistics

(C) Ecosystem Development

Technical Development

  • Supported Rocket Protocol
  • IOST quarterly rewards distribution calculation and verification
  • Technical support for community
  • Mainnet side-chain solution design and development
  • Added Ripemd 160 hash function for atomic cross-chain swaps
  • Studied and tested Blake2B hash function and schnorr signature

Testing Platform & Maintenance

  • Node integration and exit process support
  • Mainnet and testnet snapshot building

(D) Ecosystem Development

On October 30, 21:30, China Global Television Network invited IOST co-founder Terry to talk about blockchain development in China on The Point. Terry talked about the current development and policies regarding blockchain in China and shared his personal working experience as well as his views on the future of this area. Thanks to this exceptional opportunity, IOST became a major representative of public chains for being the first project invited by the national television.

On Oct 31, and Xinhua, two of the most influential news agencies in China published commentaries on IOST: IOST answered China’s call for innovation by focusing on blockchain technology. It prioritizes industrial applications instead of only talking about the value of blockchain. As one of the successful pioneers in the blockchain industry, IOST shoulders the task og empowering economic transformation with blockchain technology both at home and abroad.

With its node EverSystem, IOST Foundation was invited to the Future of Hospitality Summit as lecturers at the blockchain workshop in Switzerland. IOST Japan marketing manager Makoto and Eversystem software engineer Atushi gave an interactive speech on the integration of blockchain technology and hospitality industry. Hospitality-related companies, university innovation managers, and entrepreneur-mind students participated and learned the mechanism and basics of blockchain technology before moving onto discussions about privacy and security issues.

Eternal Fafnir Beta Test was officially open on Oct 24.

Eternal Fafnir is a role-playing blockchain game where players can summon four dauntless warriors to challenge evil monsters and collect the fallen items. Players have a chance to collect items during each battle and equip warriors to improve their attributes, growing the warriors’ levels.

Join the IOST Community!

Just two months after the launch of mainnet, IOST is now one of the Big 4 Public Chains for DApps alongside Ethereum, EOS and Tron. IOST has already surpassed Ethereum in network transactions, while maintaining high levels of decentralization.

IOST’s Partner Program is widely praised as the globally leading staking program by numerous blockchain research institutions with attractive returns, low risk and ease of use being some of the key program highlights. To learn more and participate in one of the world’s top staking program, please visit:

If you would like to hang out with the IOST community on chat, social media or to discuss product development, we have something for everyone:



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