IOST Unveils Its Secret Weapon — OASIS | The Best Technology Is Invisible

On February 25, 2019, the IOST main network Olympus v1.0 was officially launched. Meanwhile, the OASIS team, which is co-invested by IOST, was hard at work to create a ‘Secret Weapon’ for the Foundation. This ‘Secret Weapon’ has stimulated much curiosity and expectations among the IOST community.

Today, IOST officially announced the upcoming launch of our Secret Weapon — OASIS. This article will focus on OASIS product introduction, design intentions, advantages and other aspects.

What is OASIS?

Remember the exciting movie Ready Player One and its virtual world Oasis? The OASIS team is working with the same vision to bring you an oasis that connects blockchain and real life. OASIS helps to further reduce barriers to Dapp access, so that those who don’t understand wallets or blockchain technology can participate in the IOST ecosystem to use DApps.

OASIS team strives to bring blockchain technology to the daily life of users and continues to explore the real-world use of various applications. The OASIS platform not only solves the problem of resource consumption, but also ensures the fairness and transparency of transactions.

Transforming How Users Have Traditionally Access Dapps

Through OASIS, users accessing the IOST network will no longer need to struggle with various technical challenges and can access Dapps with ZERO technical barriers:

  1. Exemption of account registration and keeping of private key
  2. Eliminate resource consumption
  3. Fair, transparent and non-temperable transactions
  4. Verifiable game fairness
  5. Easy and smooth DApp transfer

The Best Technology Is Invisible

OASIS is breaking down the barriers to public Dapp adoption by doing away with complicated technical mechanisms needed to access Dapps.

OASIS allows everyday users to use Dapps and access the blockchain as part of their daily lives, without realizing that they are in fact, on the blockchain. Technology is at its very best, when it is invisible.

Welcome to OASIS. Are You Ready?

If you are a developer and would like to work with OASIS, drop the OASIS team an email to discuss partnership opportunities: