IOSToken — IOST Update 30/07/18

The past few weeks have been a busy time for IOST. They say a day in blockchain feels like a month, and after the last two weeks we know that statement is true! There has been so much great news and progress for IOST and we can’t wait to update you on everything the team has been up to!


Samantha Wang, CMO and Co-Founder of IOST was featured in several press outlets over the last 2 weeks, including NullTX (formerly The Merkle) in an in-depth feature on women in tech and blockchain. Speaking on the subject as a C-Suite executive for a top blockchain project, Sa explained that the keys to success are confidence, hard work, and finding a team that knows your worth and values your experience.


On Monday our team launched the IOST Community Hub and were subsequently blown away by the immediate impact it had.

In less than 5 days more than 1 million unique visitors visited the Hub and got to know IOST. There were certainly some hiccups along the way and a surge in traffic and DDoS attacks meant we had to take down the servers slightly earlier than planned. Thankfully, all our user data remains completely safe. This week we will be publishing a more in-depth look at the Community Hub launch and its impact on the entire blockchain ecosystem!


On July 25th, IOST was listed on Upbit, Korea’s largest exchange by users and trading volume. Upbit, which is actively partnered with the Las Vegas based Bittrex, saw IOST trading at the highest volume of all coins for several days. This is IOST’s first listing by a major Korean exchange!


Last week, IOST was made a default coin on Blockfolio, the world’s most popular

coin and token Portfolio Management App. Going forwards, every new user who installs Blockfolio will have IOST listed in their wallet and will also receive our Blockfolio Signals! With over 1 million active users, Blockfolio is a leader in the blockchain community and we are honored by this endorsement of our project.


We released specifics on the Bluehill partnership with Rate3. Together, we will be working to build a decentralized world, one where secure and efficient cross-border payments can be made without having to trust third-parties.

You can read more about our partnership here.


IOST was well represented in Seoul where the Korean team presented IOST’s vision, progress and plan for ecosystem building at the Blockchain Partners Summit 2018. This was a major conference that included many top coin founders, and the team made several very interesting connections! We’re excited to explore opportunities for potential collaboration and continue working to create a strong decentralized future.


It was a pretty wild period for community growth as all of our channels including Telegram, Twitter, Reddit grew by thousands of members in the last 2 weeks. Telegram alone increased by 45,000 members, Twitter added over 40,000 followers, and our Reddit community blossomed and is now approaching a whopping 40,000 subscribers. With more people than ever before talking about us, now is a good time to refresh yourself on the ins and outs of IOST!

The last two weeks were certainly eventful and we were truly blown away by the incredible response we’ve received from the community. There are many exciting events on the horizon for IOST including the launch of our upgraded Testnet, the upcoming release of the CryptoHeroes beta, the soon to be announced Lock-up Program, and the launch of our updated roadmap! You can stay up to date on all things IOST by following us on social media and joining the conversation!