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IOST Update: Jan 1st 2019

December was IOST’s biggest month so far and there has been so much going on since our last update. We officially opened Candidate Node applications for the run-up to Mainnet launch (full details below), we launched our final Testnet version — Everest v2.0, a new explainer video for the IOST network, and lots, lots more. Lots more stuff happening in the next 2 months so make sure to follow our Twitter to get the latest updates every day.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year from the IOST Team. We hope you are as excited about 2019 as we are!

IOST Mainnet Node Applications Now Open

We are extremely excited to announce that Node applications for the IOST Mainnet are officially open!

All of the work we have been doing this year has been leading up to this point. We are now welcoming any and all people, teams, communities and organizations to apply to become a node and join the IOST ecosystem.

There is no limit to the number of Servi Nodes on the IOST network. If you work hard and are successful, you can become a Servi Node and earn rewards. Block production rewards are 840M tokens (currently $4.2M) and User fee rewards are unlimited.

Some of the benefits of becoming a Servi Node include:

  • There is no technical barrier for running an IOST Node. If needed, the IOST tech team can handle all server set-up for you. You just need to focus on marketing your Node and getting enough votes and/or users to qualify and start earning big rewards.
  • No technical barrier for Voters / IOST token holders. IOST is the first ERC-20 token that allows token holders to vote with one click and earn tokens by voting — no other token can do that. Voters do not need any technical knowledge to vote. It is very easy to vote, and voters make money by doing so. Therefore getting votes from token holders will be easy, they will want to vote with their tokens, so you just need to make sure they choose to vote for you!
  • The ROI on being a Servi Node is great. You can earn huge rewards in a variety of ways simply by getting voters and inviting users and can be generating and ROI from 40% up to 4,700%.
  • We can support your Node with promotion and marketing for teams that do a great job. If you have large resources or a great plan for creating awareness and marketing for the IOST network, we can support your Node with marketing and promotion via our teams and partner projects to promote the great work you are doing!

Read the IOST Node handbook for full details and apply now here.

Check out our new IOST Explainer Video!

With Mainnet rapidly approaching, we have put together an IOST explainer video to help you refresh your knowledge of all things IOST.

Check out our new video video for an overview of the IOST blockchain and ecosystem! Share with your friends to help them know about IOST and please like, comment and subscribe!

Everest v2.0 Is Now Live!

The final version of IOST’s Testnet before Mainnet launch in Feb is now live.

Everest v2.0 has all the essential functions of Mainnet. Utilization by developers and DApps has already begun and can now start preparation for Mainnet launch!

Read the full announcement and release info here.

Jimmy and CryptoBeadles Discuss Mainnet

Jimmy Zhong, IOST’s CEO took time from his busy schedule to discuss with Cryptobeadles about IOST updates, Nodes, Dapps, Rewards, Funding and more! Check out the video for loads of great information about Candidate Nodes and whats happening over the next few months.

Our first IOST Node Candidates

Since opening Candidate Node applications many global institutions, investors, blockchain communities, developer teams, exchanges and others submitted Candidate Node applications, hoping to participate in the election campaign and to become part of the IOST ecosystem.

From these early applications, we are pleased to introduce 10 of the initial approved candidates from a variety of countries and backgrounds.

Read the full announcement here.

Thanks for reading, so much has happened over the last 2 weeks, and its going to get even busier leading up to Mainnet! Make sure to get ready for token staking and voting with your ERC-20 tokens and applications for Candidate Nodes for the IOST network.

Stay up to date on all things IOST by following us on social media and joining the conversation!

The IOST Team



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