IOST x Bluehill | Featured DApps Support Program For IOST Developers Now Launched!

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May 8 · 3 min read

To deepen collaborations with DApp teams and create a win-win situation for DApp community building and mainnet ecosystem construction, IOST has partnered with Pioneer Fund, an exclusive fund focused on DApps under the BlueHill Foundation, to launch IOST Featured DApps Support Program for IOST developers.

The Featured DApps Program application is now open for submission to all DApp teams who have released DApp(s) on IOST mainnet. Successful candidates in our Featured DApps Support Program will receive full support from IOST to further refine the operation of their DApps.

Once adopted by IOST team, the operation plan proposed by the DApp team will receive all-round resources and financial support by IOST. To apply for the Featured DApps Program, the following information needs to be specified in the plan submitted:

  1. Operation objectives
  2. The type and content of campaigns involved (principally online operations)
  3. Time span of campaigns (within two weeks)
  4. Resource support required
  5. Budget estimates

Featured DApps Program — FAQ

How does IOST Featured DApps Support Program work?

IOST team will make a quick response to every application received. All selected DApp teams will receive technical and operations support from IOST to carry out comprehensive product and operation upgrade.

Performance Assessment in IOST Featured DApps Support Program

  1. DApp teams are required to specify their operation objectives such as account number, traffic and DAU. Once approved by IOST, the operation plan will gain 70% of operation budget from IOST in the early stage.
  2. IOST will continuously assess the operation performance of each Dapp selected and compare the operation results to each respective objectives. If the two match, the DApp team will receive the remaining 30% of the budget and become an IOST featured DApp, with more promotion opportunities and support.

What differs IOST Featured DApps Program from traditional DApp Sponsorship?

Traditional DApp sponsorship is limited to superficial statistics and short-term profits, without sufficient consideration of stable development model for each specific DApp and the overall health of mainnet ecosystem. IOST team will have continuous and in-depth conversations with DApp teams and provide them with refined operation support to ensure the best commercial plan for every DApp on IOST.

IOST recognizes the long-term stable profitability of each DApp provides a solid foundation for a healthy mainnet ecosystem. Backed by Bluehill, IOST aims to create a better environment for all DApps to thrive.

Where Can I Find Out More?

Join IOST developer community for one-on-one discussions with the official team and receive a customized solution:

About Bluehill

Founded in June 2018, Bluehill has independently raised $50 million in funding to support the IOST ecosystem. Bluehill has over 50 team members with offices in China, South Korea, the United States and Singapore. As a committed partner to IOST, the fund raised by Bluehill focuses on IOST partnerships, DApp incubation in the IOST ecosystem and blockchain technology innovation.

Established by the Bluehill Foundation in late 2018, the $30M Pioneer Exclusive Fund for Dapps is focused on supporting outstanding Dapp teams and incubating the best Dapps in the market, thereby empowering the growth of the IOST Dapp ecosystem.



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