IOST x Boomstarter | $IOST Becomes A Global Fundraising Currency With The Largest East European Crowdfunding Platform

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Jul 18, 2019 · 4 min read

The IOST Foundation is excited to share that we have completed integration with Boomstarter and will be used as a fundraising currency on one of the largest crowdfunding platform in Eastern Europe.

Founded in 2012, Boomstarter has successfully:

  • supported over 2,000 projects, and
  • raised over USD 7 million for creators, makers and developers
  • from close to 200,000 backers in Eastern Europe.

Boomstarter has a huge user base of 800,000 registered users and is visited by over 300,000 unique visitors every month.

Together with Boomstarter, the IOST Foundation is excited to make $IOST a global fundraising currency to support entrepreneurs and builders in an international expansion plan spanning Southeast Asia, India, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

$IOST As A Global Fundraising Currency

In this partnership, Boomstarter will provide cryptocurrency channels for international backers to support indie creators, makers and developers by accepting crowd funds in $IOST. Currently, Boomstarter accepts payment in $BTC, $ETH and $IOST.

Boomstarter is also in process of integrating the $iUSD, the stablecoin in the IOST ecosystem, which will provide greater stability of value for its rapidly growing portfolio of determined entrepreneurs.

The IOST Foundation is excited at this practical application of $IOST and has a vision of a win-win partnership with Boomstarter. By letting creators, makers and developers raise funding using $IOST, these entrepreneurs receive an opportunity to access global international communities to launch the business of their dreams, while at the same time, the IOST community benefit from increased utility of the IOST token.

Helping Hungry Entrepreneurs Around The World Achieve Their Dreams

The IOST Foundation is proud to be an enabler of business opportunities for motivated entrepreneurs through this partnership with Boomstarter, and we are excited to play our part in helping Russian entrepreneurs fulfill their aspirations.

Boomstarter, as a leading crowdfunding platform in Russia, plays an integral role in making this happen by bringing greater awareness and penetration of IOST with its large user base of creators, makers and developers.

Below, we share some case studies of Boomstarter projects that have been successfully closed by project founders in the past.

We are excited to have entrepreneurs around the world, especially in developing economies, start raising funds and launch the business of their dreams in $IOST!

Fundraising Case Study 1: Setting up and running hospitals in remote villages in Nicaragua and Guatemala

  • Amount raised: over USD 52,700 (across two campaigns)
  • Funded 125% more beyond the initial goal
  • Supported by 1,919 backers total
  • A team of doctors set out to start hospitals in rural Central America that will help fight infectious tropical diseases. Their goal is to cure, educate and improve the quality of life of the local communities. The team of doctors provide health education through one-on-one counseling, lectures and seminars.
  • Results: a non-profit clinic in the mountains of Guatemala was set up and is operational as of now. More than 700 patients are examined in the clinic every month; the majority of them are children and pregnant women.
  • Link to campaign pages:
  • Press coverage:

Fundraising Case Study 2: Launching an “artificial” star into space

Boomstarter Joins IOST As A Partner Node

The Foundation is happy to announce that Boomstarter will join our ecosystem as an IOST Partner Node. We extend special thanks to IOST BEST Node, who has facilitated the on-boarding of Boomstarter into the IOST ecosystem and helped in the integration of the $IOST onto the Boomstarter platform.

The Foundation will collaborate closely with Boomstarter, IOST BEST and other Russian nodes to continue growing IOST penetration in Russia, a country with over 144 million population size.

We believe this exciting partnership will deliver significant value to the global IOST community and be an exceptional value boost to the IOST ecosystem.

For our international community members who are keen to support Boomstarter’s hardworking creators, makers and developers can do so at:

Join The IOST Community!

High-quality game products thrive on high-quality public chain user base. With advanced technology and a large number of partner nodes and users, IOST has cemented its position one of the Top 4 public chain platforms and will continue to build a robust ecosystem for the global blockchain community.

If you would like to hang out with the IOST community on chat, social media or to discuss product development, we have something for everyone:



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