IOST x Chainlink | Bringing Real World Data On-Chain For IOST Dapps

With over 43 million transactions and a quarter million wallets on mainnet only two months after launch, IOST is cementing its position as one of the Big 4 blockchain platforms together with Ethereum, Tron and EOS. IOST puts significant emphasis on DApp development, as it is the foundation for a healthy and vibrant blockchain ecosystem. At present, there are already 15 Dapps on the IOST mainnet with thousands of active users and growing transaction volumes. IOST is expanding its Dapp platform by encouraging developers to create and build Dapps that are useful and relevant to the real world.

Chainlink — The Leading Oracle Solution For IOST

As part of our continued effort to make a developer-friendly and practical blockchain platform for Dapps, IOST is very excited to announce our partnership with Chainlink, the leading blockchain middleware (or “oracle”) that allows smart contracts to access key off-chain resources like data feeds, various web APIs, and traditional bank account payments. As a bridge for data exchange between blockchain and the real world, oracles can be used in many scenarios. It’s safe to say that oracle is a necessity for all Dapps that need off-chain information, such as lending platform, package tracking / IoT, stablecoins, gambling, insurance, to name a few. After the integration of Chainlink into IOST, developers aiming to build cross-chain Dapps can realize this goal on IOST.

We chose Chainlink because it is the leading decentralized oracle solution. It is used by numerous top projects including Polkadot (Web3), Ocean Protocol, Streamr, Accord, and many others. Chainlink has also been covered by major publications including MIT Technology Review, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. As the first decentralized oracle, Chainlink is the perfect fit for IOST compared to other centralized oracle solutions. Thus, partnering with Chainlink is aligned with the vision of IOST, which aims to build a truly decentralized blockchain platform. IOST prioritizes the safety and reliability of our ecosystem — Chainlink is also widely recognized by the industry for their excellence in these areas.

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