IOST X ColdLar Wallet | Delivering a Safer Digital Assets Management Environment

Jul 2, 2019 · 3 min read

As a major public chain, IOST has always been dedicated to providing safe channels where users can deposit and manage their assets without risks. IOST is excited to announce a strategic partnership with ColdLar Wallet, a leading security service provider in the crypto world. Coldlar Wallet App is scheduled to support IOST in August and all of ColdLar’s wallets will integrate IOST in Quarter 3, 2019.

Born to be the “Guardian for Cryptoassets “, ColdLar strives to be a leading security service provider by utilizing both cold and hot, software and hardware wallets.

The various adoption scenarios of IOST will further empower ColdLar Wallet by expanding its user base, lowering technical barriers and meanwhile increasing the influence of its community.

The CEO of ColdLar commented:

“We have seen more and more wallet products, with different technology, strategy and focus, available on the market now. When selecting a wallet product, users tend to ignore the safety aspect. ColdLar does not only focus on the product itself, but also prioritizes the education for users, in order to increase their safety awareness and better manage their assets.”

This partnership between IOST and ColdLar will benefit both parties’ mass adoption development and improve users’ crypto safety awareness. IOST and ColdLar are determined to build a more secure and effective blockchain ecosystem hand in hand.

As the CEO of Coldlar pointed out:

“Wallet, in essence a storage and management tool for a private key, is an indispensable component of blockchain ecosystem. The increasing needs for secure storage of crypto assets is directly driven by the rapid development of blockchain industry.”

About ColdLar

Beijing ColdLar Information Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the first cold wallet companies in China, which has been selected and included twice in the White Paper issued by Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Born to be the “Guardian for Cryptoassets “, ColdLar is also committed to be the “World’s Leading Cryptoassets Security Service Provider.”

ColdLar completed the A round of financing at the end of 2017, with the amount of more than 10 million US dollars, with main investors including Bitmain and Huobi.

ColdLar wallet is not only an intelligent hardware cold wallet, but also a full set of security storage solutions for cryptoassets. The current product matrix of ColdLar covers ColdLar Pro Series (Professional Type), ColdLar Touch Series (Card Type), ColdLar APP wallet, Encrypted Asset Management System of Multi-Signature (ColdLar Vault), and Enterprise Wallet System, etc.

ColdLar Enterprise series manages 5% (demand-adjusted) assets in the hot wallets, and it also applies cold storage solutions to manage them. It greatly reduces the risk of the platform and ensures the security of the entire system. At the same time, the E-series is also committed to meeting the company’s millions of address requirements, real-time monitoring of address transactions (receiving and sending), providing capital collection and financial statements.

ColdLar obtained a series of product patents and qualified certifications including EU CE, USA FCC, EU RoHS, and Japan PSE .etc. ColdLar is constantly iterating and upgrading its products, and striving to fulfill his mission as the Guardian for Cryptoassets.

For more information please visit ColdLar official website.



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