IOST x Gunner Story | Simple And Addictive Shooting Game. Shoot For Number One!

Note: All IOST DApps are developed by third party developers. Exploring them according to players’ own risk-taking capacity is highly recommended. Please contact DApp teams directly for any questions.

Gunner Story, an easy and addictive fun game, has officially launched on IOST today! Community members can experience it on TokenPocket now.

Developed by DAppBirds, Gunner Story is an easy-to-play game with simple rules. Apart from enjoying the game, players can also win rewards by opening treasure chests and competing with others.

Rule: Shoot the monster with the gun, extra points for shooting it in the head. When the monster has no health left, the player wins!

Treasure Chest Event

Event Rules

  • Event duration: June 6th to June 10th
  • Players gain four treasure chests with IOST inside for killing five bosses.
  • Players need to pay 2 IOST for opening one treasure chest in the four gained previously, and they can only open one.
  • The minimum amount for withdrawal is 10 IOST.

Leaderboard Event

Event Rules

  • Event duration: June 6th to June 10th
  • Play Gunner Story to obtain score.
  • Higher score means higher rank which mean more IOST rewards.
  • The top 10 players on the ranking divide the prize pool. The ranking is updated every 24 hours.

Contact Gunner Story Team

Wechat Contact Information: fncj2018