IOST X Kindai University of Japan | HIVEHack Hackathon Is Now Open To Everyone!

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On February 20, 2020, IOST will jointly host the HIVEHack hackathon with the well-known private university Kindai in Japan, who will provide the venue and incentivize professors and students to participate in the Hackathon. IOST will also take this opportunity to further increase its awareness among young developer groups and attract more top tier developers and teams from the Kindai University and its partners to the IOST ecosystem. From here, the IOST team would like to express our gratitude to the Kindai University.

*The term Hackathon combines Hack and Marathon. Developers and other people related to software development, such as designers, project managers, marketing teams, etc., form a team, work closely to introduce certain kinds of technology or ideas for a specific topic and finally develop systems and applications in a short time.

IOST HIVEHack Hackathon — Blockchain lovers! Assemble!

The HIVEHack hackathon will be held on February 20 and 21, 2020 in the Academic Lecture Hall of Kindai University, Japan. This event is jointly organized by IOST and Kindai University of Japan, co-organized by EverSystem, ZeLo Law Firm, Hachidori enterprise, PHI group and sponsored by Japan’s Xtheta company.

It is worth mentioning that this hackathon is not exclusively for developers, but also blockchain enthusiasts who do not have any developing skills. In addition, IOST co-founder Terry, Japan’s leading blockchain developers and blockchain industry practitioners will all participate as lecturers and corporative speakers.

On the morning of the 20th, Mr. Masahito Yomoda, designer and engineer of Hachidori enterprises, which focuses on the development of AI chat robots, will discuss the product design with the participants. Then, Dr. Takao Wada and Mr. Atsushi Miyazaki from EverSystem will explain to the participants how to write IOST smart contracts. In the afternoon, contestants will have to combine the knowledge learned in the morning with their own skills to start developing and conceiving innovative product concepts of their own.

On the morning of the 21st, Mr. Yuki Takai, a lawyer from ZeLo, will explain the regulatory framework and regulations of the blockchain; Terry, co-founder of IOST, will also share his development expertise from his previous experience at Uber and Microsoft.

In the afternoon, the participants of the event and also the students from Kindai University will use the blockchain voting system (in the form of token stacking, as seen on the IOST mainnet) to select their favorite team. The team with the most votes will be announced the winner of the HIVEhack Hackathon. The winners can also take this opportunity to return to society by donating the tokens obtained from the Hackathon.

In this opportunity, IOST would like all the students participating in HIVEhack to experience the process of developing a product based on blockchain technology, to learn and to grow together through teamwork.

Blockchain lovers! Assemble!

IOST in Japan: Promoting Blockchain and Scouting Talents

Since the set-up of IOST’s Japanese branch, IOST has been committed to promoting free education activities on blockchain technology in Japan while also scouting and training potential blockchain engineers. In 2019, IOST’s “Blockchain Free Education Program” was launched in 7 universities and educational institutions in Japan and provided blockchain courses to over 300 students (data statistics as of January 2020).

Kindai University of Japan is currently developing various academic exchanges and cooperation projects aimed at boosting knowledge innovation. The hackathon organized this time by IOST at Kindai University in Japan will serve as one of its “industry-academia cooperation projects in education and research”. This will also be the beginning of the partnership between IOST and Kindai University in Japan.

In the future, IOST will popularize blockchain technology in Japan through more educational activities and the resources of Japanese universities, to further enhance IOST’s project awareness among young developer groups and tap into more promising blockchain industry talents and outstanding developers.

Join The IOST Community!

With a mainnet that is barely one year old, IOST has swiftly risen to become a world-leading public chain renowned for its numerous government collaborations and enterprise partnerships around the world. To date, IOST has already surpassed Ethereum in network transactions, while maintaining high levels of decentralization.

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