IOST x LiarGame | Who Should You Trust?

LiarGame is scheduled to launch on IOST mainnet this week!

The launch of Fomo3D created significant buzz in the crypto world. While the winner’s trick to winning the jackpot is no longer a secret, players’ desires to compete for huge prizes remain. This upcoming LiarGame on IOST is an upgraded version of Fomo3D which involves smarts and skills.

Inspired by Liar Game, a popular Japanese drama and movie, LiarGame is a test of trust where the minority wins the majority. It has simple rules but diverse game plays. As a game with experimental scientific significance, LiarGame reflects the loyalty and betrayal, trust and fraud in real society and human nature.

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LiarGame is a game where the minority wins the majority. There are two teams in the game, Blue and Red. Unlike Fomo3D, the two teams battle each other and final victory doesn’t belong to one person, but to the team with less tickets accumulated in the prize pool.

This week, LiarGame will be launched on IOST mainnet as well as many major DApp platforms, including OnBlock, DappRadar, DappReview and TokenPocket. In addition, playing LiarGame on OnBlock and DappRadar wins you extra rewards.

To learn more about LiarGame, you can join its Telegram community: @liargameofficial

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