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May 22 · 4 min read

The IOST Foundation is excited to announce our partnership with XPET World. XPET World is scheduled to launch on IOST mainnet in June, bringing IOST community users a crypto game with fun and diverse game play.

XPET World is an encrypted pet strategy battling game using the underlying technology of blockchain. The game consists of 1 million adorable pets, each of which is unique in shape and gene, living in 201 territories across 6 continents. In XPET World, players can upgrade the pet level by completing tasks in the dungeons, and improve the pet’s overall combat effectiveness with different equipment and weapons. Players plays the role of a Lord in the game and can strengthen their territories’ defenses by upgrading buildings and expanding the army. Players can buy and sell pets, equipment and territories freely in an open market.

XPET — A Top Three EOS Dapp Coming To IOST

XPET has been in stable operations for nearly a year on EOS, giving players around the world exciting experiences in blockchain gaming DApp development and operations. To date, the closed-loop model for XPET has been completed and the in-game economy has stabilized and entered into a positive economic cycle. XPET’s DAU currently ranks top three among all gaming DApps on EOS.

XPET has also officially joined IOST Partners Program, aiming to contribute to IOST public chain ecosystem growth and promote the overall development of IOST.

XPET is actively exploring cross-chain technology. It enables the profit sharing and asset connectivity for players on multiple public chains through a cross-chain single server module, which enhances the connectivity and liquidity among different chains and promotes the development of IOST ecosystem.

This partnership between IOST and XPET will utilize each others’ advantages to maximize the decentralization and high liquidity features of blockchain games compared to traditional games, and bring our community members a quality blockchain gaming experience.

XPET Co-Founder, David, Talks about Launching on IOST

“The biggest advantage of blockchain games over traditional online games is the authenticity of game assets. Powered by decentralized technology, game assets can flow efficiently on the blockchain network, which is unimaginable in traditional online games and also the greatest value given by blockchain technology.”

Imagine that players on different public chains are able to check each other’s equipment through one wallet supporting both chains, and also able to make easy transactions in the blink of an eye. I know it is not practical for traditional online game players. But I believe it can become a norm in blockchain games, where XPET is advancing to. This is also the most important reason why we chose to join IOST. We will explore the cross-chain operation of blockchain games, the cross-chain trading of blockchain game assets, and the cross-chain circulation of tokens, which will be an unprecedented attempt and innovation.” said David.

“Imagine another situation where equipment in XPET game can be used in a certain RPG game on IOST. XPET players can trade equipment in XPET for equipment in another game. Despite sounding crazy and unrealistic, in blockchain games, the sky is the limit for your imagination. We can even pack the game assets in this game into a token on the basis of NFT, and release it to another. Of course, these ideas can not be achieved in one step. It requires the pioneers to constantly try and innovate to implement them step by step. However, we are willing to be the pathfinder.

We will first connect users on the two public chains, EOS and IOST. For a simple example, players on EOS and IOST with the ownership of XPET pets, are able to get dividends in the form of each other’s token. This will promote the mutual connectivity of the two public chain users. We will use XPET’s game token XPC as a mediator, opening the game props trading channel. I hope XPET can be the first DApp game to achieve the model of a cross-chain single server with the strong support of IOST.” David elaborated.

About XPET Team

Asu: Founder and CTO. As a former senior engineer in Netease, he has 15-year experience of Internet product development, and operation and maintenance experience in a variety of products with more than 10 million users. He was also the leading designer and maintenance staff for an internet product with more than 10 million users and 35 million month transaction volume.

David: Co-founder and COO. He has more than 10 years of marketing and operations experience. He has experience working in an internationally renowned consulting company, successfully operating a variety of Internet products with 100K+users, and 100 M+ monthly transactions. He also has rich experience in product operation and brand management.

Tam, Co-founder and animator. He has more than 10 years of experience in gaming and internet products industry. As an art producer, he has participated in the production of several major online games. His animation studio has received more than 100 art designing orders with over 50 million RMB each.



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