IOSTABC Now Supports Display of Original Contract Code- IOST Blockchain Explorer Feature Update

IOS Foundation
Oct 15 · 2 min read
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Blockchain browser is the crucial platform for searching blockchain information, and viewing of the recorded contents recorded in each. IOST as the world’s fourth public chain project with a large number of users, big block height and number of transactions, a blockchain browser is indispensable and important for IOST ecosystem .

As a window for users to directly experience the IOST network, IOSTABC browser is the simplest and most complete infrastructure service in the IOST ecosystem.

In the next development milestone, IOSTABC will offer IOST users with new feature iteration — supports displaying the original contract code from now!

The contract code previously displayed by was compiled code that was able for audit, but not good enough for developers to learn from it. After this update, any newly released contract will show the original code. Here’s what it looks like:

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In the future, for any new contract released on IOST’s mainnet, developers will be able to see the original code of the contract directly on This will promote the developers of different teams in IOST ecosystem to make mutual reference and innovation, and jointly accelerate the development of IOST ecosystem together.

At present, IOST has numberous partner nodes with covering nearly 20 countries in the world to jointly build the IOST mainnet ecosystem. With the continuous research and innovation of IOST in the public chain technology, the development and implementation of ecosystem and application, and the advancement of global compliance, the public chain ecosystem of IOST will become more prosperous.

IOST has been committed to building a truly developer-friendly blockchain application platform and an ecosystem that can provide full support for all kinds of decentralized applications. We sincerely welcome developers/development teams to develop easily on IOST network, create value and explore the potential of blockchain!

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