LiarGame x DappRadar | 300,000 IOST Prize Draw! Are You Game?

Inspired by Liar Game, a popular Japanese drama and movie, LiarGame is a test of trust where the minority wins the majority. It has simple rules but diverse game plays. As a game with experimental scientific significance, LiarGame reflects the loyalty and betrayal, trust and fraud in real society and human nature.

LiarGame is a game where the minority wins the majority. There are two teams in the game, Blue and Red. Unlike Fomo3D, the two teams battle each other and final victory doesn’t belong to one person, but to the team with less tickets accumulated in the prize pool. Plus, dividends are paid out to previous buyers for every ticket sold, so the earlier you start the game, the more dividends you will get.

LiarGame Website:
LiarGame Rules:

LiarGame is now live on IOST mainnet, as well as our major DApp partners, including OnBlock, DappRadar, DappReview and TokenPocket. To celebrate this launch, LiarGame is running a prize event in collaboration with DappRadar.

Prize Draw of 300,000 IOST

To celebrate its launch on IOST mainnet, LiarGame is hosting a prize draw event in collaboration with DappRadar. Playing the game wins you an opportunity to win from the 300,000 IOST prize pool!

Event Rules

  • Duration: 8am May 17 to 8am May 24, Beijing Time
  • LiarGame team will randomly choose 30 lucky players to split 300,000 IOST.
  • Rewards will be paid out within three days after the event ends.
  • The event results will be published in LiarGame telegram group.

Risk Warning: All Dapps based on IOST mainnet are developed by third-party teams. Please explore Dapps according to your own risk-taking capacity and contact Dapp development teams for any questions.

Telegram: @liargameofficial

Or: Scan QR code above to join LiarGame Telegram group.