Liebi Pool Now Live | The First DeFi Project On IOST

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May 21 · 3 min read

Note: All IOST DApps were developed by third party teams. Exploring DApps according to your own risk-taking capacity is highly recommended. Please contact the DApp development team directly for any questions.

IOST community members can now experience the optimized staking service provided by Liebi Pool through multiple major channels, including TokenPocket, DappReview, DappBirds and DappTotal.

Liebi Pool is a new generation of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining pool developed by Liebi team, an IOST node. It is also the first Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project on IOST mainnet. Liebi Pool uses VOST , a token released by Liebi team, and has the characteristics of decentralization, no lock-up requirements and automatic dividends.

If you hold VOST in Liebi Pool, you can immediately start staking and enjoy the special mining benefits such as automatic dividends, automatic compound interest, and free transfers.

Liebi Pool officially launched IOST Staking today. IOST is the first token supported by Liebi Pool and Liebi Pool is the first DeFi project deployed on IOST public chain.

Liebi Pool Website:

User Guide (Using TokenPocket On Mobile)

  1. Open TokenPocket APP
  2. Click “Discover”
  3. Click IOST exclusive section
  4. Open Liebi IOST Pool

Download TokenPocket here:

User Guide (Using iWallet On Desktop)

  1. Visit Liebi Pool website:

2. Install iWallet plug-in.

Liebi Pool User Guide

  1. Exchange for VOST to Start Mining

2. Redeem VOST to Stop Mining

Introduction to Liebi VOST

Pegged 1:1 with IOST and released by Liebi Pool in IOST, VOST is similar to Proof-of-Stake where users mines in Liebi Pool. The holding of VOST means the ownership of staking.

  • VOST Issuance: 21 Billion VOST (same as IOST Issuance)
  • VOST Circulation: same as IOST Staking total volume in Liebi Pool (release when exchange and burn when redeem)
  • According to Liebi Pool, VOST holders can gain staking dividends on a second basis. Furthermore, the smart contract for VOST exchange has been released on IOST mainnet in an open source manner for transparency.
  • Contract address: ContractDoxaCK13QrprfJ3HvBWcGbZ1nr6WNKmPp68Rc8D1CTo1

Airdrop Event

To celebrate IOST as the first token supported on Liebi Pool, the Liebi team will run their very first airdrop event. All staking users are eligible to win from the prize pool of 125,000 VOST.

How to Participate

Liebi Pool will take snapshots for VOST holders chosen randomly at random time on May 29. 10,000 VOST holders will divide 125,000 VOST proportional to the amount of VOST they have. So, please make sure that you have more than 10,000 VOST in your account before the snapshot, to secure a chance to win the prizes!

Liebi Pool development team reserves the final rights for this event. Please contact Liebi Pool directly for any questions.



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