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New User Guide: How to Register an IOST Mainnet Account

Updated on September 2021

An IOST mainnet account is the key for every user to enter the IOST mainnet ecosystem. Every account name must be from 5 to 11 characters long and only contain numbers, letters, and “_.” Also, every mainnet account is unique. This way, IOST allows users to create an account that is easier to remember and fun to use.

There are multiple ways to create an IOST mainnet account. Here are some popular ways:

  1. Via TokenPocket Mobile Wallet
  2. Via the IOST Account site
  3. Via Citadel Wallet
  4. Via Moonstake Wallet
  5. Bonus: How to import your account to iWallet

Note: Free account creation services availability is subject to the providers’ funds pool. All IOST accounts have a cost, so when you get one for free, it means someone else is paying on your behalf. If you can’t find any free account provider and need one urgently, consider paying for one.

Method 1: Via TokenPocket Mobile Wallet

This method is suitable for mobile users. First, download TokenPocket here.

Wallet Creation Through Codes

  1. When running TokenPocket for the first time, choose IOST, “I don’t have an account,” and “Create By Code.”
  2. After setting your IOST account name and wallet password, click to buy an activation code and enter your mobile number to get an activation code. Copy and paste this code on the registration page and continue with the following steps.

The password you enter here is to access this App, which will be necessary for future actions, including token transactions and private key exportation. It can only be regained by your private key once it is lost.

3. Back up your private key.

4. Check all the information you entered and click to activate the wallet.

Paid Creation

Choose the “paid creation” option within the TokenPocket app in step 1 and follow the instructions. Currently, TokenPocket only supports WeChat pay and Alipay payment methods.

Create by friend

Alternatively, you can ask a friend to help you pay for the account creation process. In this case, you just have to ask your friend to pay the account on your behalf by scanning the QR code provided at the end of the process and transferring the amount of IOST required by the system.

Note: This “friend” can be yourself.

TokenPocket Officials

Method 2: Via the IOST Account site

  1. Visit the IOST account official site and proceed with setting the account name. You can either choose the one you like or allow the system to generate one that hasn’t been registered yet randomly. Do not refresh this page or lose the code.

2. Now, you need a code to activate the account. Click or tap on [Click to get a code] and then transfer 150 IOST mainnet tokens from your wallet or exchange them to purchase a registration code. The system will not use the whole amount, the registration code will create an IOST account with 1,000,000 iGAS, and the rest of the IOST will be in the account balance. Do not refresh this page or lose the code.


  • It is vital to enter the right receipt address and memo. Please copy and paste and double-check all the details before confirming the transaction.
  • Do not refresh this page or lose the code. Every code is attached to a memo. If you refreshed the site and did not copy the code, you will lose it forever.
  • To know if your code is active, click or tap [Check the registration code status]

3. Once you have a valid code, it is time to activate the account. Click or tap [Next].

4. Important. Now, copy and/or write down the public and private keys of your account, especially the latter one, and store them safely.

5. Import the private key to any IOST wallet. In this case, we have imported the wallet to iWallet and found out that we still have 140 IOST in our balance, so this process cost… 10 IOST!

6. Welcome to IOST!

Method 3: Via Citadel One Seed Wallet

Creating an IOST one seed wallet on the Citadel platform is free. This new wallet offers many new and useful functions for IOST holders.

For the full tutorial, refer to Citadel’s official article here.

Citadel Officials:

Method 4: Via Moonstake Multi-Staking Wallet

Creating an IOST wallet on the Moonstake platform is convenient and free till June 30th, 2021.

Moonstake Officials:

5. Bonus. How to import your account to iWallet

First, download the IOST Chrome iWallet plug-in on your Chrome web browser:

In the browser, top right-hand corner, import your IOST mainnet account to iWallet with the following steps:

  1. Set a password and click [Import account]
  2. Paste the account private key and then [submit]
  3. Welcome to iWallet! You can now send, receive, and explore the IOST DApps ecosystem on your desktop. Have fun!

About IOST

High fees and slower transaction times on the Ethereum network have left the door open for new solutions to emerge, and IOST is one such project that has been gaining traction since its mainnet launch in 2019.

Backed by major financial and VC firms such as Sequoia, Matrix, and ZhenFund, IOST is a pioneering decentralized, high-throughput, gas-efficient Proof-of-Believability-powered smart contract platform built to tackle the scalability trilemma once and for all. For this, the concluding ranking from China’s CCID ranked IOST as the best blockchain platform under Basic Technology, better than Ethereum, EOS, and every other smart-contracting platform evaluated by the agency. This is a testament to the quality and ability to roll out a better, innovative product and reflect our true desire to be the best in the sphere.

Being one of the public chain leaders in terms of adoption, performance, and utility, IOST remains committed to our mission to unleash the power of blockchain. IOST currently has the ever-expanding 500,000 community members in over 20 countries, over 400 nodes, a top staking economy, symbiotic relationships with corporations dotted worldwide.

If you would like to hang out with the IOST community on chat, social media, or to discuss product development, we have something for everyone:

Telegram |Announcement | Twitter |Japan Twitter | Korea Twitter | |Developer Community| Uptrennd | Facebook |LinkedIn | Medium




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