PHI Launches GUILD In Europe | Co-Hosts Blockchain Event with IOST in Crypto Valley, Switzerland

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Jan 20 · 3 min read

PHI team, one of IOST Developer Core Community Member in Japan, is visiting Switzerland to promote the GUILD project on IOST and establish a PHI subsidiary in order to enter the Swiss and European markets. PHI’s expansion into Switzerland is supported by the Swiss Global Enterprise‘s Japanese office.

IOST Foundation will support PHI team and shall together visit the local Swiss government, Crypto Valley Association and hold an event at the blockchain incubator facility CVVC in Zug, also famously known as Crypto Valley in Switzerland.

“GUILD” ”ditCraft” and “IOST” Speaking at CV Labs

CV Labs (Zug, Switzerland) is an entrepreneurial support facility that includes a co-working space specializing in blockchain and an incubation program, and has become a central player in Crypto Valley. More than 200 companies, including Tezos and ARAGO, are registered with VC Labs.

On January 27, 2020, at CV Labs, IOST Foundation hold an event with Co-founder and CTO Terrence Wang of , Takashi Oka and Ryosuke Kosako (Kinki graduate student) from GUILD project, Co-founder and CTO Yannik Goldgräbe and Marvin Kruse Co-founder and CEO of ditCraft project.

ditCraft is the new git

ditCraft enhances decentralized, autonomous project governance, incentivizes developers, and transforms the software development experience. The ditCraft project team has been selected for the 2019 CVVC Incubation Program. ditCraft is deployed on Ethereum network.

GUILD — Powered by IOST

GUILD Provides comprehensive team activities from project team formation to decision-making and fund settlement, providing an intuitive interface and seamless fund transfer to fully support project success.

IOST Expands Community into European Markets

Since IOST mainnet launched last year, the development of communities in Asia is remarkable, and many Dapp games have been released in China, Singapore, South Korea and Japan, alliances with educational institutions, services supporting IOST, social implementation of energy trading with local governments.
Entering the European market with IOST is a great expectation, opportunity and big challenge.

Building the IOST Node Ecosystem

Following the close of 2019, the Foundation looks forward to a successful new year and increased contribution from Nodes as well as new nodes joining the ecosystem.

With excellent staking rewards in play for nodes and their voters, we hope we have demonstrated the high value that building and contributing to the IOST ecosystem can have.

With significant rewards, especially for Tier 1 and Tier 2 contributors, we hope to highly incentivize nodes to keep contributing to the IOST ecosystem and achieve our goals of being the leading scalable and decentralized public blockchain in the world.

To become a node, join the IOST ecosystem and start earning rewards please check out the Servi & Partner Node Registration Guide.



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