Updates on Donnie Finance Airdrop

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2 min readFeb 17, 2021

Hello Community,

As we announced last week, to make Donnie’s products widely experienced and conveniently accessed by IOST users, we decided to airdrop Donnie Tokens to IOST holders. The Donnie Finance team will airdrop a total of 10% of the Donnie Token supply to IOST holders and will distribute this quantity through several events.

To encourage this further, we are starting with an exchange airdrop to IOST holders on supporting major exchanges. This helps in initial exposure to the DON ecosystem as well as provides significant benefits to all IOST token holders. An announcement will soon be made that will detail all participating exchanges. Please find updates below

How to participate:

Airdrop will be conducted on exchanges, which will be announced over the coming days. We will be updating IOST snapshot DON Airdrop support exchanges on Twitter or Medium.

Donnie airdrop ratio

  • Total distributing amount for the event: 5% of Total DON supply
  • Please note that we will conduct another airdrop event in the summer with the same amount. Therefore, the total amount of airdrop will be 10%.
  • All users holding IOST tokens on participating exchanges at the time of the snapshot will automatically receive the DON token.

For example,

  • Case A: if only A exchanges participate in the airdrop event, A exchanges will receive all of the 5%.
  • Case B: Two exchanges(Exchange A & Exchange B) participate in the event. As of the snapshot on February 25th, Exchange A has a total of 30,000 IOST, and Exchange B has a total of 70,000 IOST. Participating Exchanges A and B will receive a 3:7 ratio of 5% DON token, and distribute accordingly and proportionally to their respective IOST holders.

DON snapshot date

  • 2021.02.25 (Thur) 8:00 AM (UTC) snapshot will be taken first block created after Feb 25, 8:00 AM (UTC)

Release schedule

  • Airdrop will be distributed to exchanges within a week from the snapshot date. (The exact date of the distribution may vary from exchanges).

For exchanges, if you wish to support IOST snapshot DON airdrop, please close deposit and withdrawal by Wednesday 24 Feb, 16:00 (UTC) and share IOST wallet to IOST foundation.