Voting Competition — Daily Reward pool of millions of IOST for Voters.

Starting 2nd Feb and for the next 10 days, BISS in co-operation with IOST will be running a voting competition for the IOST partner election with big rewards to lucky voters.

Head over to the Election Portal to get involved!

Competition Mechanics

Each day during the event, Candidates will be ranked by their total number of votes received for that specific day.

People that vote for 1 of the top 3 ranking Candidates for that day will receive bonus IOST from the daily reward pool.

Each day’s reward pool is equal to 5% of total votes cast to any of the Candidates that day and split between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranking nodes in proportions 50%, 30%, 20% respectively.

E.g if 100M IOST votes are cast on day 1, the day 1 reward pool is a total of 5M (5%), with 2.5M reward pool for the 1st ranking Candidate, 1.5M for the 2nd ranking Candidate and 1M for the 3rd ranking Candidate. If you vote for any of these 3 Candidates that day, you will revive a share of each of the Candidates reward pools you voted for.

You reward is based on the share of your votes for that Candidate (Your votes for that candidate/ Total votes for Candidate).

  • If the Candidate you vote for ranks 1st, you receive a share of 50% of the reward pool
  • If the Candidate you vote for ranks 2nd, you receive a share of 30% of the reward pool
  • If the Candidate you vote for ranks 3rd, you receive a share of 20% of the reward pool


Assume the total number of votes on the day are 100 million IOST, the reward pool will then be 5% = 5 million IOST for that day. The 1st ranked Candidate reward pool is then 2.5M, 2nd ranked Candidate reward pool is 1.5M and 3rd is 1M.

If you vote for the 1st place Candidate and your votes are 20% of the Candidates votes received that day, you will earn 500,000 IOST as the additional bonus.

The calculation formula is: 100,000,000 *5% *50% *20%= 500,000 IOST

Your potential bonus could be 1000’s of times the IOST you vote with, especially if your first vote is correct as explained below.

First Guess Rewards Event

To make it even more exciting, If the first vote you cast for the day is for the top winner that day, your reward will by multiplied by 10X.

Only the first cast of votes each day qualify for the First Guess Rewards Event.


The time for this event will be from 0:00 UTC until 16:00 UTC each day with results released at 10:00 UTC the following day.

The competition will run from Feb 2nd through Feb 11th.

Head over to the Election Portal to get involved. Good luck and happy voting!

The final interpretation is reserved by BISS and IOST and decisions are final. Any cheating or fraudulent behaviors may lead to the revocation of the rewards by BISS and IOST.