Xianjian 5 By Leading Traditional Game Publisher Launching On IOST In September!

Aug 10 · 3 min read

The Xianjian series is a series of popular gaming titles by Jingang Game, which is a leading traditional gaming company in China and is undergoing a stock listing on the Ke-Chuang Board of China, which has taken China by storm.

Today, IOST co-founder Terry signed a contract with Jingang Game CEO Lee liujun and ChainxGame co-founder Elthen, on the release of a blockchain version of the hit fantasy game!

Left to right: Terry, Lee Liujun and Elthen

Xianjian 5 will launch its game bag pre-sale in late August and officially launch on IOST mainnet in early September. As Xianjian’s initial launch channel, IOST will become the only token accepted as payment in the early stages.

A Mythical Story Of Martial Arts, Fairytales and Legends

The story of Xianjian is based on the legend of immortals, demons and ghosts in ancient China, and takes martial arts, fairytales and legends as its theme. Xianjian is a series of games. So far, eight single-player role-playing games, one business simulation game, two online games, one online social game and one derivative mobile game have been issued, and are now some of the most famous game brands in China.

The first work of the Xianjian series was released in July 1995 and won numerous games awards on both sides of the Taiwan and Mainland. It has been praised by many players as a “masterpiece of the game world”. The series of Xianjian has been derived from cartoons, novels, TV dramas, stage plays, sound dramas and cards. It is the most successful intellectual property brand in China and also has great influence on Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and also has a large number of fans in Europe and the United States.

Among them, the 5th generation (Xianjian 5) is the one with the largest sales volume and the largest users in the series.

About Jingang Game

Jingang Game Co, Ltd. is a full service internet high-tech enterprise which integrates game R&D, distribution and operations. It is one of the most popular game companies in China, and now it is in the process of being listed in Ke-Chuang Board of China.

The company has been committed to the innovation of online games, having the ability to develop high level games. It also has long-term friendly cooperation with major platforms and mobile channels around the world. The company upholds the concept of Being Driven for the Best, and aims to provide A-Level games and services for players domestic and overseas.

The company’s ACE mobile game, Chinese Paladin: Sword and Fairy, has been in the top of the best-selling list for a long time since its launch, and its core data such as retention and payment have reached the leading level in the industry.

About ChainxGame

ChainxGame is a game platform across traditional games and block chains. Platform can be divided into ChainX token-tech platform, game, community and exchange.

In the ecosystem of ChainxGame, the developers, intellectual property, operators and players are all value contributors and beneficiaries. All player’s active contribution will produce value, and player’s participation will directly affect the influence and weight of developers. ChainxGame has a vision of bringing the benefits of digital assets to 2.2 billion game players.



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