BigONE to List Watermelon (Xigua) | Deposit & Trade XG to Share 1 Million IOST Airdrop

Nov 24, 2020 · 5 min read
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The Uniswap + MakerDAO of the IOST blockchain and decentralized trading & stable coin lending services — Xigua Finance — will be listed on BigONE on November 25 at 17:00 (UTC +8).

Disclaimer: All IOST DApps are developed by third-party developers. The information provided here does not constitute any investment advice, all content provided here is intended for education only. IOST bears no responsibility or liability for any loss which players may experience. Please contact the DApp team directly for any questions.

About Xigua Finance

The mission of Watermelon (Xigua) is to be the Uniswap + MakerDAO of the IOST blockchain and provide decentralized trading and stable coin lending services. Xigua adopts a dual token system in which:

  • XG is the platform token with a total supply of 4,000,000 tokens, from which 90% will be available for farming (mining).
  • XUSD is a stable coin, which is generated through the collateralization of IOST.
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Deposit & Trade XG to Share 1 Million IOST

As of November 24, Xigua Finance has achieved:

  • A total of 200 million IOST staked
  • ATH staked amount of more than 300 million IOST.

Xigua Finance succeeded in its first battle on the IOST Ecosystem and has made great contributions to the DeFi ecosystem.

To celebrate the launch of XG on BigONE, IOST, together with Xigua Finance and BigONE, launched the XG trading competition. Deposit & trade on BigONE and share 1 million IOST.

XG/USDT trading will start on November 25 at 17:00 (UTC+8).

Event 1: Deposit XG to share 200,000 IOST!


  • During the time of the event, deposit XG to a KYC passed account and share 200,000 IOST proportionally according to your net deposit amount. (Net deposit amount = Deposits — Withdrawals)
  • Maximum share per account: 10,000 IOST

Event 2: Trade XG to share 800,000 IOST!


During the time of the event, the top ten users in the effective trading volume (this excludes self-transaction and multi-account self transactions) XG/USDT trading pair will win the following prizes:

  • 1st place: 100,000 IOST
  • 2nd and 3rd place: 80,000 IOST each
  • 4th to 10th: Share 350,000 IOST proportionally according to the effective trading volume
  • Rest: Share 190,000 IOST proportionally according to the effective trading volume

Note: BigONE Exchange reserves all the rights for the final explanation.

BigONE x Xigua AMA

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About BigONE

BigONE is a global cryptocurrency trading and custody platform founded in 2017, clad in four principles — Integrity, Security, Professionalism, and Win-Win. The exchange has developed comprehensive digital assets trading services. The ecosystem runs the gamut, including both spot and margin trading, leverage trading, BigONE Loans, PoS Mining Pool, decentralized exchange BigDEX, decentralized mining pool BigProxy, digital assets crowdfunding platform AngelONE (IEO), wealth management products, providing users a one-stop solution for their digital assets.

BigONE implements a 100% margin, protects users’ digital assets with cutting-edge wallet technology and risk control processes, and provides bank-level security, reliable, and easy-to-use blockchain asset custody and transaction services to users worldwide.

BigONE’s core team has five years of experience in managing cryptocurrency trading platforms and is equipped with seasoned expertise in sourcing digital assets. BigONE fully upholds the spirit of blockchain, cultivates token ONE Ecosystem, and advocates for the sharing of the exchange’s profit and benefits with all BigONE users. BigOEN firmly believes that blockchain can change the future for the better, and strives to become the gateway to blockchain across the globe.

Join The IOST Community!

The IOST project team is currently mainly composed of R&D personnel focusing on blockchain distributed technology. The team is formed by blockchain industry experts who have graduated from world top universities such as Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Tsinghua University, and Beijing University, and have more than three years of blockchain-related research experience.

With a one-year-old mainnet, IOST has swiftly risen to become a world-leading public chain renowned for its numerous government collaborations and enterprise partnerships around the world. IOST is one of the Big Four public chains with a rich user base and real applicability alongside Ethereum, EOS, and TRON. 500,000 community members, over 20 countries worldwide, and over 400 nodes, top staking economy, and growing.

IOST’s Node Program is widely praised as the globally leading staking program by numerous blockchain research institutions with attractive returns, low risk, and ease of use are some of the key program highlights. To learn more and participate in one of the world’s top staking program, please visit:

If you would like to hang out with the IOST community on chat, social media or to discuss product development, we have something for everyone:



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