XPET Arrived as Scheduled | Want 50% Off Your Pets?

Jun 27, 2019 · 3 min read

Note: All IOST DApps are developed by third party developers. Exploring DApps according to players’ own risk-taking capacity is highly recommended. Please contact the DApp team directly for any questions.

The much anticipated XPet is finally launched on IOST today. User can enjoy it thought TokenPocket or its official website. Come here now to purchase your exclusive pet and start the game!

Website: https://www.xpet.io/pumpingPet.html

Note: XPet does not support English at the moment and IOST has reached out to encourage its team to accelerate translations into more languages.

XPET World is an encrypted pet strategy battling game using the underlying technology of blockchain. The game consists of 1 million adorable pets, each of which is unique in shape and gene, living in 201 territories across 6 continents. In XPET World, players can upgrade the pet level by completing tasks in the dungeons, and improve the pet’s overall combat effectiveness with different equipment and weapons. Players plays the role of a Lord in the game and can strengthen their territories’ defenses by upgrading buildings and expanding the army. Players can buy and sell pets, equipment and territories freely in an open market.

Purchase a Pet at Half Price!

In order to celebrate the launch on IOST main network, XPET is holding a pet promotional event this week.
Only in one week, players can get a pet with high attributes at the price of 25 IOST (the original price is 50 IOST). The pets are tradable, which means they may increase in value in the future.

Quick User Guide

1. Get a pet on the homepage. Your pet is randomly assigned to you.

Check your pet in My Asset.

2. Sign in to collect rewards.

3. Start fighting in the dungeon.

4. Equipment update and skills acquirement.

5. Purchase materials, equipments and tips.



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