Announcing the IoT Chain Video Contest!


In the world of blockchain projects, it is clear that the most successful teams are well connected to their communities. The community makes a project, as the audience makes an artist. We are reaching out to our community to be the artist in an IoT Chain video contest!

IoT Chain is a plug and play solution for the Internet of Things. Our hybrid architecture and data ecosystem are unique to the industry. We are firm believers that IoT is a primary use case for distributed ledger technology and ITC is poised to be a leader in this space. We understand that many of our followers feel the same way. This is a great opportunity for you to share your passion, showcase your skills, and earn some ITC tokens!

The goal of this video contest is to spread awareness of the IoT Chain project in a way that is understandable by a broader audience.

Contest Rules

  • The contest will run from April 19, 2018 (12:00 UTC+8) until June 8, 2018 (12:00 UTC+8).
  • Only one submission allowed per person or group.
  • Everyone is encouraged to participate; you may collaborate with others and form teams though the total prizes amounts remain constant.
  • The creator has full creative freedom but the submission should be respectful and appropriate.
  • Please ensure submissions are no more than 5 minutes in length.
  • Video resolution should be a minimum resolution of 1080p.
  • There should be light background music and narration. The audio should be clear and in English, or include English subtitles (closed captioned).
  • Submissions should follow the provided script and answer all of the key questions raised (but feel free to add additional details as you see fit).
  • Submissions must cite all sources (in the video description is fine).
  • Submissions must respect copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property laws. Do not use unauthorized content including graphics, logos, animations, music, etc. You may use the IoT Chain logo and existing IoT Chain graphics for this video.
  • Upon submission, the video becomes the sole property of the IoT Chain Foundation and you forfeit all claims to ownership and copyright of the material. The IoT Chain Foundation reserves the right to use or distribute any and all parts of the video as they see fit. You also agree not to use the video further without express written consent from the IoT Chain Foundation.

How to Enter

  1. Create your entry, following the contest rules and script requirements.
  2. Upload your video on YouTube before June 8, 2018 (12:00 UTC+8). Note, if you leave your submission to the last minute, it may be harder to accumulate community votes!
  3. Share your video on at least one additional popular social platform (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc).
  4. Complete the contest submission form here:
  5. Stay tuned to our official social channels for the results!


The winner of the contest will be determined by our ITC team jury:

  • CEO Xie Zhuopeng and Co-Founder Peter (Lyu) Xinhao
  • Two representatives from our community partner GBIC
  • Three admins from our Telegram community
First place: 5,000 ITC
Second place: 2,000 ITC
Third place: 1,000 ITC

Community Award

There will also be a community prize, awarded to the entrant who receives the most social reach and votes from the community. This prize is valued at 1,500 ITC. Also, the selected community prize winner will receive extra points towards their grand prize entry! See below for selection criteria and scoring details.

Participation Award

Entries that did not receive one of the top prizes but completed the contest requirements and shared the video on at least one additional social platform beyond YouTube will receive a participation award of 250 ITC. There are a maximum of 20 participation awards available (5,000 ITC total) which will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. The ITC jury reserves the right to decide which entries have adequately completed the contest requirements.

Winning Criteria

Each judge on the ITC team jury will score the entry based on the following criteria:

  • Up to 25 points will be awarded for accuracy. Did you follow directions? Were the details correct? Were sources provided in the video description?
  • Up to 25 points will be awarded for quality. Does the video seem professional? Is the audio clear and concise? Were subtitles used where appropriate?
  • Up to 20 points will be awarded for clarity. How well did the video convey its message? Was it understandable by a broader, less-technical audience?
  • Up to 20 points will be awarded for impact. Is the video captivating and inspiring? Does it make you enthusiastic about the project?
  • Up to 10 points will be awarded for creativity. Does the video grab attention? Does it provide unique and appropriate use cases for the technology?

The average from the jury tally will form the final score. The maximum jury score is 100 points.

Additionally, entries can receive bonus points by generating the largest buzz on social media. We will combine the following metrics at 12:00 UTC+8, June 8, 2018 to select the community winner:

  • Facebook likes and shares
  • Twitter likes and retweets
  • YouTube views and upvotes
  • Reddit upvotes

The community winner will receive the guaranteed prize of 1,500 ITC plus receive an extra 10 points toward their overall score! Thus, the maximum overall score is 110 points.

What to Include

  1. What is the IoT Chain Foundation and what are they trying to achieve?
  2. How is IoT Chain solving critical problems in the IoT industry?
    Security — decentralized, distributed systems are much more difficult and costly to attack.
    Efficiency — low energy, “green” distributed ledger solution (no mining).
    Cost-effectiveness — no costly server infrastructure to maintain.
    Performance — the hybrid blockchain and blockless DAG architecture is expected to handle 100,000 transactions per second.
    Big data — access to a rock solid data marketplace with a C2B2B model.
  3. How is IoT Chain benefiting consumers?
    Safety and peace of mind — their connected devices are secure from hackers.
    Returning what is theirs — they remain in control of the data they generate.
    Providing their fair share — users can choose to sell their data on the data marketplace, obtaining their fair share for the value they generate for others.
    Privacy — users choose what data they share and whether that data can be linked back to their identity.
  4. How is IoT Chain different from other blockchain IoT solutions?
    Decentralization — control of the network is not solely in the hands of the IoT Chain Foundation.
    Better security — requiring a small transaction fee makes it too costly for hackers to manipulate the network.
    Plug and play — chip-based solutions are easily integrated by device manufacturers (no coding required) and chips can be updated easily without replacement.
    Light nodes — able to connect using low-power hardware.
    Smart contract support — hybrid architecture allows for smart contracts.
  5. What are some of the use cases for IoT Chain?
    Smart devices — smart lighting, cars, cameras, door locks.
    Sharing economies — bicycle sharing, car sharing, vacation rentals.
    Manufacturing — smart sensors, process optimization.
    Transportation — smart transportation, intelligent parking.
    Healthcare — connected medical devices, cold chain logistics.
    Renewable energy — smart grid, energy trading.
    Public safety — smart cities, automated emergency dispatch, asset management.
  6. What is Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) and why is it hailed as Blockchain 3.0?
  7. Why was IoT Chain awarded the Blockchain Excellence Award at the 2018 World Economic Forum? (hint: see the FAQ, linked near the bottom)
  8. Why is the ITC token valuable?
    Fixed supply — there is a finite amount of ITC in existence.
    Required for transaction fees which are small and based solely on the size of the transaction.
    Used for value transfer (payments, or obtaining use of a smart devices).
    Used for purchasing data from the network marketplace.

Additional Suggestions

If you lack inspiration or need to add more content to your storyboard, use one or more of the following suggestions:

  1. Show the ecosystem from the perspective of the different stakeholders:
    End user — enjoys a high performance, safe network while remaining in control of their data; can also benefit from selling data on the marketplace.
    Entrepreneur — setting up witness nodes to collect on the transaction fees.
    Corporation — obtaining crucial business data from the marketplace.
    Data provider — purchasing data from users and analyzing it for resale to other businesses.
    Device manufacturer — ease of implementation, low cost network solution.
  2. Provide explicit use cases showing how various entities benefit:
    Governments — smart street lighting, traffic control, and public transport.
    Health Services — smart bio sensors, secure data access.
    Logistics — smart sensors, fleet management.
  3. Explain how the technology works and why it is important:
    • Blockchain, DAG, decentralization.
    • PBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus.
    • Light, heavy, and server nodes.

Sources for Research

Thank you for your support and good luck!