IoT Chain and Schonell Announce Strategic Partnership

The IoT Chain team is pleased to announce the establishment of a strategic partnership with Schonell, the leading manufacturer of building communication systems in Singapore and Europe. Teams from both sides will jointly explore the application of blockchain technology in the field of intelligent building communication and promote the development of the smart home industry.

The IoT Chain team believes smart home devices play an important role in the future of smart city networks, and technologies such as blockchain will help redefine our smart lifestyle.

The Schonell Interphone has redefined the wireless interphone. The smartphone app allows users to communicate through video, unlock doors, and grant building access from anywhere.

The security of smart home devices, their data, and the value accumulated on the network will become the new focus of the Internet of Things. Naturally, intelligent home DApps will therefore become one of the most prominent areas in decentralized application development.

By combining blockchain technology with the Schonell proprietary frameworks of VoIP, SIP, IDSN, PSTN, and PBX, the IoT Chain team will work with Schonell to build the smart homes of the future. Together, the two teams will build a healthy and sustainable IoT ecosystem and promote the development of the Internet of Things in the smart home industry.

About Schonell

Schonell, a leading manufacturer and distributor of building communication systems in Singapore and Europe, provides wireless telecommunications solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Through convenient security access, monitoring, and database management, they provide customers with the best experience in security, mobility, and accessibility.

  • VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol 
    Digitizing analog voice for transmission as data packets in real-time over an IP network.
  • SIP: Session Initiation Protocol 
    A multimedia communication protocol developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), used to help provide advanced telephone services over the Internet.
  • PSTN: Public Switch Telephone Network 
    A circuit exchange network based on simulation technology, that replicates the telephone network in daily life.
  • PBX: Private Branch eXchanges 
    Completes the telephone exchange between enterprises and public telecommunication networks.