IoT Chain and #Hashed Meetup Coming Soon!

Dear community,

In addition to delivering a keynote at the 2018 TokenSky Blockchain Conference in Seoul, the IoT Chain team will be presenting at a #Hashed meetup on March 15th. The team will introduce the ITC project and deliver a speech titled “IoT Chain — what blockchain can bring to IoT”. The audience will include investment institutions, blockchain enthusiasts, and industry media.

An ITC meetup in Seoul

The meeting is being organized by Hashed Lounge. #Hashed is a well-known blockchain investment agency in South Korea and is an investor of ITC. The meeting is designed to introduce the IoT Chain project to Korean partners and media outlets and help spread awareness and understanding of ITC’s impact on connected technology. The project team will provide an in-depth and detailed introduction to big data, DAG technology, and the era of the Internet of Things.

Raising Awareness in Korea

The Korean market has a long history of enthusiasm and influence over blockchain technology. This is not only reflected by their red hot digital currency markets but also by the active application of the technology by companies and institutions all over South Korea.

The Korean markets are an important part of the ITC overseas strategy and the team has been steadily developing awareness in this region. On January 18th, the team established their strategic partnership with #Hashed. In February, they attended a private meetup with FBG capital in Seoul. Later in March, ITC was added to its first Korean exchange Coinrail and the team successfully delivered a keynote at the 2018 TokenSky Blockchain Conference. This latest meeting with #Hashed will only further the understanding of the project in Korea and contribute to ITC’s overseas expansion.

About #Hashed

Hashed is South Korea’s largest cryptofund which works to introduce innovative projects with strong potential to the Korean market. They host educational events where investors and blockchain developers given the opportunity to connect and boost awareness of their disruptive projects in the industry. Hashed has an impressive investment portfolio comprised of startups such as Quantstamp, Request Network, Enigma, Kyber Network, Red Pulse, Airswap, Icon, and many more.

The Hashed Lounge events are committed to providing a forum for creative leaders in the blockchain industry to connect with the Korean community.