IoT Chain is going to launch the great “ITC turbo competition”

The IoT Chain’s “ITC turbo competition” -The Super Node + Token Swap Program will be launched soon.

ITC official team will give the start sign for the node plan, everyone who meets the access conditions can participate and become an ITC’s super node, and enjoy the very pleasant incentive pool reward.

Super-nodes and the ITC holders who meet the voting contributor’s conditions will be preferentially involved in the “ITC turbo competition”, join the first batch of the MainNet swap-recruitment acceleration list, get the token swap “ITC turbo competition” award qualification. The sooner you join the reward “competition” the higher reward you will get.

The official team will begin the token swap in advance and for now take out the 10 million ERC20 ITC tokens, directly reducing the current circulation of 10% on the market. This 10 million tokens will be used after the swap and will be used as the native ITC token for the upcoming incentive “ITC turbo competition”.

The details of the follow-up activities will be announced, stay tuned!