IoT Chain’s DAG code is now available on Github — We are giving away 10,000 ITC to celebrate!

We are delighted to announce the release of the IoT Chain source code on GitHub. We had committed to making our source code available and are pleased to deliver on this promise. Furthermore, we can confirm that the IoT Chain DAG test network will be released soon as well! This is an important milestone in our journey to building a secure, lightweight OS for the Internet of Things.

You can view the IoT Chain official GitHub here:

In light of this exciting update, we are running an activity dubbed “Win 10,000 ITC — Follow Our Journey” which will run from February 2–9, 2018. Subscribers who follow our official Twitter accounts and retweet the announcement can earn ITC rewards and will be entered to win a grand prize of 500 ITC!

Date and time: February 2–9, 2018 (midnight to midnight EST [UTC+5])

How to participate:

  1. Follow IoT Chain on Twitter:
  2. Retweet the following announcement: and tag three or more friends
  3. Join the official IoT Chain Telegram group:
  4. Complete the form that will be posted in the Telegram group.You must complete this form to be eligible to receive a reward and to enter the grand prize draw!”


  • There are 10,000 ITC tokens available for this promotion. Tokens will be awarded first-come, first-served based on the order of entries received. No additional tokens will be awarded once the cap is reached or the promotion is over.
  • Those who successfully complete all of the participation steps during the activity period will be awarded one ITC token based on availability
  • In addition, some lucky participants chosen at random will receive ITC tokens as follows :
  • First prize (1 total) — 500 ITC
  • Second prize (20 total) — 50 ITC
  • Third prize (500 total) — 5 ITC