ITC Progress Update 01/06/2019–07/06/2019


IoT Chain

[Done] Mainnet

  • The common contract testing is completed and passed.
  • The developer support documentation is added. At this point, we have entered the end of the IoT Chain main network observation period and preparing to enter the main network production environment.

[Done] ITC Wallet APP

  • We’ve published ITC wallet on the iOS App Store. To find and download the ITC wallet on iOS App Store, please search”iotchain” or “ITC Wallet” (Downloads are available excluding China).

The Turbo competition

  • [Done] We have conducted a relevant contract audit and successfully completed and passed this audit, everything is ready for the activity and adoption of the Turbo Plan.
  • [Work in Progress] We are currently fully focused and working to improve the front-end and back-end programs.


Number of token holders 19,475 +0.47%

Number of transcations 73,294 +0.86%

(Data source:


WeChat & QQ 6329 +0.89%

Telegram 26735 –2.33%

Reddit 9431 +0.03%

Twitter 16799 –0.20%


IoT Chain Chinese Community Meetup

On June 5, 2019, the ITC Chinese Community held a special meetup. The community members gathered in Shanghai to discuss the ITC ecological construction and future development plans.

At the meeting, the core team shared information about the IoT Chain developer platform with community members. Beside the great platform, information is shared about the ITC Turbo Plan, and the development of IoT Chain, which was unanimously affirmed and supported by everyone.

The atmosphere was great and the community members expressed their expectation, moreover it was a great meetup and most of the members suggested the fast release and promotion of our great Turbo Plan!