ITC Progress Update 03/11/2018–09/11/2018


Main Chain

[Done] Desktop app

  • Link address to account view
  • Link hash to block view
  • Auto fill-in for tx form
  • Refactor code

[Done] Various database benchmark

  • Random read, write and batch write
  • Add db JNI interface
  • Staged merkle trie benchmark

[Done] NAT traversal support

  • Add upnp protocol
  • NAT type check

Light Node

Gizwits GoKit4 development suite

  • [Done] Module coding and testing (motor, file system, built-in temperature sensor, GPIO, power management, clock, debugging interface)
  • [Work in Progress] GPS signal acquisition
  • [Work in Progress] TCP/IP based data transfer


Number of token holders 19451 +0.09%

Number of transactions 59558 +0.76%

(Data source:


Chinese community

WeChat & QQ 6860 -0.45%

Overseas community

Telegram 55680 -0.90%

Twitter 19388 -0.40%

Reddit 9016 +1.59%


Find bugs in the ITC Wallet application in order to win ITC tokens

IoT Chain community will be rewarded for helping to find bugs in the wallet; each valid submission is worth between 5–20 ITC tokens!


[AMA] Co-Founder Lyu Xinhao will answer questions from the community live on Telegram.