ITC Progress Update 08/06/2019–14/06/2019


1. Mainnet

[Done] Blockchain

  • Service configuration to open API functions are added;
  • The Dockerfile is modified, added the user groups and users, Chown and Chmod required directories are also included;
  • We have added and completed the cross-domain access request source whitelist configuration and server metric switch configuration;
  • Added jbok node view in grafana;
  • We have also added the;

[Done] ITC Wallet APP

  • The transaction hash go to etherscan in swap details is added in the ITC Wallet APP
  • For the Android part we have fixed the text adoption problem.
  • We have fixed the known UI issues.

2. The Turbo Project

We have released the details of the ITC Turbo project in our official announcement channel, a final internal test is underway and the competition is about to start.

Please make sure to read all details regarding this great Turbo project and make sure to hold enough ITC to join this pleasant journey!


Number of token holders 19,424 -0.26%

Number of transcations 73,962 + 0.91%

(Data source:


WeChat & QQ 6430 +1.60%

Telegram 26243 -1.84%

Reddit 9470 +0.41%

Twitter 16595–1.21%


Beside the the upcoming mainnet token swap, ITC will pursue a new strategy and direction to develop key ITC communities. At this point, we as ITC team will focus and learn more from decentralized community management and incentive operation management to establish greater committee mechanisms, this will also be used to further promote ITC ecological development, ITC will also adopt Dogecoin as gas fee of the community incentives, core developers use ITC as incentives.

The Dogechina community will invite the ITC community to conduct roadshows and publicity in the Dogechina community. Dogecoin incentives will be rewarded for all members involved in community building. The cooperation between the two communities will a win-win situation and both communities will mutual benefit. The quality and cooperation of the project will be widely spread. The Dogechina community and the great Dogecoin reward application will contribute, and jointly promote the popular education and value discovery of blockchain technology.