ITC Progress Update 18/05/2019–24/05/2019




  • [Done] We have added RPC Client & Server middleware (including logs, Metrics, CORS, compression, etc.).
  • [Done] The strict Scalac translation parameters are added.
  • [Done] The virtual machine test case loading is fixed and running.
  • [Done] Also theOpenssl & Keytool CA script is added.

[Done] Desktop APP

  • For the Desktop APP we have added the notification control.
  • The user interaction for sending transactions is optimized.

ITC Wallet APP

  • [Done] The build version 27 test is released.
  • [Done] Within the ITC Wallet APP the terms of service agreement page is added.
  • [Work in Progress] We are currently working on debugging the token swap logical interface.
  • [Work in Progress] We are also fully focussed in the process of debugging the Jbok-sdk new interface.

Light node

Bluetooth node device

  • [Work in Progress] We are now working on the realization of the mobile phone control device function.

Wifi node device

  • [Done] The Wifi connection PC debugging (STA+AP mode) phase is finished.
  • [Work in Progress] Related to the above achievement, we are now working on the Wifi connection phone debugging (Chip side).
  • [Work in Progress] Also the team is focussed debugging the Wifi connection mobile phone (APP side).


IoT Chain is going to launch ITC turbo competition
The IoT Chain’s “ITC turbo competition” -The Super Node + Token Swap Program will be launched soon. The ITC team is now preparing the last details for this great program, we’ll announce the exact rules and contents soon, stay tuned!


Number of token holders 19,402 +0.04%

Number of transactions 71,675 +0.40%

(Data source:


WeChat & QQ 6149 +0.21%

Telegram 27612–1.45%

Reddit 9425–0.02%

Twitter 16885–0.27%