ITC Progress Update 25/05/2019–31/05/2019



  • [Done] The scan store update service is added.
  • [Done] We have fixed the issues that we already knew, namely; 1) The Rocksdb batch leak is fixed; 2) Also we have fixed the Log file descriptor leak; 3) The Miner test specs is resolved; 4) The problem related to Ci scoverage scalajs is resolved; 5) Test network builder is fixed; 6) The config in rocker is running smoothly.
  • [Done] The Developer support documentation is completed.

[Done] ITC Wallet APP

  • Fixed issues: We have fixed all the issues related to the impact of the system font size.
  • The token swap function debugging is completed.
  • Also the other know issues in the UI are fixed.


GENENIS Capital Sun Zeyu Increases Holding 1 Million Dollar ITC

According to informed sources, Sun Zeyu, the founder of China’s leading service blockchain industry financial institution “Genesis Capital”, recently bought a $1 million ITC in the market.

In recent years, the Internet of Things emerged rapidly and various countries in the world have embraced this development and trying to get the right strategic priorities. It has been officially listed as one of the five strategic emerging industries that China has focused on. It is reported that the IoT chain, which focuses on the Internet of Things x blockchain, has been favored by investment institutions since its launch. The project code is purely original and open source and the leading project in the field of domestic IoT in the blockchain industry.

IoT Chain is an IoT light OS driven by blockchain technology, with the goal of providing a secure and scalable public chain for the IoT world. The total amount of ITC remains 100 million.


Number of token holders 19,384 –0.09%

Number of transcations 72,666 +1.38%

(Data source:


WeChat & QQ 6273 +2.02%

Telegram 27374 –0.86%

Reddit 9428 +0.03%

Twitter 16833 –0.31%


(June 5th, Shanghai) IoT Chain team will have a Meetup with its Chinese community

During this special gathering, future development opportunities will be discussed with our beloved community.