Recap of the Twitter AMA

IoT Chain core team answered top questions from the community.


How can @IoT_Chain deal with the speed required for transactions between IOT Devices ?

We use MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) technology combined with blockchain technology to solve the issues we may face regarding the transaction speed problem.


Will there be a web/browser wallet available ?

In the first place, we will have mobile wallets for our iOS and Android users, and also for developers we will provide a more powerful desktop application. In the short term, we will not launch a browser wallet.

@Market Punter

Which industry(ies)/sector(s) do you foresee will have the highest IoT blockchain adoption rate?

We believe that the demand for IoT x blockchain technology solutions is relatively high and attractive in the field of cold chain logistics.


Billions of dollars are wasted in the food industry during transportion from the producer to the end consumer. So with the enhancements of tracking/monitoring/communication with use of IoT technologies, where does ITC come in to place with this, if at all?

We definitely think that this is possible! IoT Chain can be used as a light operating system for IoT devices, which will be combined with the blockchain technology, this will be the case for the focus areas that you’ve mentioned in your question.


What is the one big thing that ITC has and other IOT cryptos don’t?

First of all, our project is purely based on original code, which gives the guarantee that the project’s later extension is unconstrained. Secondly, we provide a quite unique light operating system of the Internet of Things, while most of the other projects are focussed to the main chain.


What are the advantages of having Byzantine Fault consensus over Interplanetary File System algorithm consensus?

IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System) is a POC hard disk mining, relying on hardware resources, IoT Chain uses BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm consensus). These two are completely different in mechanism, PBFT consensus layer does not need to rely on hardware resources, which is more energy efficient.


Describe your most memorable challenge or experience working on this project?

At this point, we have a very urgent and important development lifecycle for our upcoming MainNet. The whole development process can be seen as challenging and a very unique experience, this is in our opinion the most memorable experience for the IoT Chain team.


What is the exact role of ITC in DogeChina?

We provide technical support for DOGECHINA.


What are your opinions about changing roadmap and prioritazing on specific things if bear market continues for a year or more?What will be your main focus?

We will never have our focus on changing the roadmap due to circumstances. If we decide to change the roadmap, the reason to do so depends if it affects the performance and stability of our system development.

@Ivan Campuzano

What can the IoT Chain community do to contribute it productive ways to the project?

We are always very open to receive suggestions for further partners, community programs, etc. We are also encouraging everyone to participate in our open-source projects.