hub:raum IoT Academy, supported by COSMOTE, inspired Athens

350 participants, 21 event partners, 14 companies and technical universities showing their innovative IoT solutions. Tones of technical knowledge, fresh ideas and new opportunities for business development. This was, in a nutshell, our 7th meeting dedicated for IoT lovers and makers we had, this time, in Athens.

hub:raum IoT Academy Athens — 23 November 2017

On November 23th OTEAcademy became an innovation hub where we spoke about the solutions offered by the IoT and the new NB-IoT technology. Our speakers presented investment plans for the development of this technology in Greece.

We could also hear about the new possibilities emerging from NB-IoT and the opportunities of using IoT in various areas of our lives.

This was a great event! We had the opportunity to showcase ISTMOS and get really valuable and encouraging feedback. Great ideas never take shape by themselves. There is always a long road between the MVP and a polished product and the hub:raum IoT academy is an ideal event to exchange ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs. The presentations covered many aspects of IoT business development in a very detailed and concrete way. We will be happy to participate again! — commented Stamatis Poulimenos, CEO ISTMOS.

hub:raum IoT Academy is a marathon of events organized across Europe. Each meeting consists of: conference, showroom and workshops. The events aim to support and facilitate the creation of strong IoT community. They are a great opportunity for all people interested and specializing in IoT: startups, companies, IT students, hardware geeks to learn more about the Internet of Things and connectivity.

Check out the video and feel how much we enjoyed the event:

…and some pictures! :D

hub:raum IoT Academy Athens — 23 November 2017

We would like to thank our partners, companies and universities, who were very supportive of us in this endeavour. In particular, we would like to thank the OTE Group, OTEAcademy, Meazon, ISTMOS, Raycap, Yodiwo, WINGS ICT Solutions, Eyetech, Assetcom, Fuelics, SNV Engineering, COSMOTE Labs, University of Thessaly, Computer Engineering& Informatics Department (CEID), Orange Grove Patras, ICCS, University of Aegean, Athens University of Economics and Business, Centre for Career Development&Employment — University of Ioannina, Scan Lab, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, AIT, Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences, University of Piraeus, ATH/TECH — Technology Collegue of Athens, Egg, TLab, Found.ation, INNOVATHENS, Athens Internet of Things, Ex Machina Internet of Things.




The idea of hub:raum IoT Academy is to share, discuss and explore ideas, knowledge and experience connected with IoT. We want to build a strong community of professionals, developers, startups, makers, experts, students and anybody who wants to learn more about it

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hub:raum IoT Academy

hub:raum IoT Academy

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