IOTA@UCL Inaugural Team Announced

Navin Ramachandran
Jun 29, 2017 · 4 min read

Today, we are extremely proud to announce the formation of IOTA@UCL. With the steadfast support of Paolo Tasca, Donald Lawrence, Michail Basios and the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, this development lab aims to harness the power of the highly scalable IOTA platform, in order to tackle multiple real world challenges.

Our inaugural student team will aim to build strong foundations for future projects, collaborating closely with the core IOTA developers.

You can read about the team below.


Yuxi Huan

I am the team leader of the IOTA@UCL summer team and a graduate student majoring in Financial System Engineering at UCL. During this year, I have worked as a developer on a VSTS extension project, together with Microsoft. I also participated in several financial projects involving risk analysis, collaborating with Santander Bank.

Distributed ledger technology has been attracting increasing attention in the financial sector and I am really excited about having the opportunity to explore this space, working together with the IOTA foundation.

For me, the main attraction of IOTA is its infinite scalability and secure data transfer. Additionally, the link between IoT and distributed ledgers is also intriguing, with the need to secure the millions of devices transacting with each other. I look forward to contributing to our group and to the IOTA platform.

TingTing Gao

I am a Financial Systems Engineering majors student at University College London, with a bachelor’s in the Internet of Things. As an undergraduate, my projects included environmental sensor data collection, automated analysis and event triggering. In addition, I am familiar with data analysis using Matlab.

I am very interested in IOTA since it combines all the knowledge that I learned in the past. I would like to work on linking distributed ledgers with IOT devices. I have researched the IOTA tangle and perhaps there is a big challenge ahead. However, I have great confidence in our team and am excited to collaborate with them to overcome any difficulties.

Shiqi Hui

I am currently a postgraduate student studying Financial Systems Engineering at UCL. For the last two years, I undertook an Internet Computing major at The University of Liverpool. During my undergraduate course, I implemented a web-based social network platform using PHP and JavaScript.

I am very interested in IOTA. It is a new generation of distributed ledger implementation with scalability and fast transaction. The idea of connecting IOTA with smart devices to perform automatic payment intrigues me. I am looking forward to learning and working with the IOTA community.

Siyu Ma

I am Siyu (Cecilia) Ma. I am a graduate student studying Financial Systems Engineering in UCL and I did my undergraduate study in Computer Science in the University of Manchester. In my final year project for my bachelor degree, I researched algorithms in core-periphery structure applied to cross-border money movement between countries in the international banking network. My research interest lies in financial system network analysis, particularly the algorithms and mathematical models involved with programming.

I was very excited when I first heard about blockchain and distributed ledgers, especially the IOTA platform. I am working on a comparison between current distributed ledger technologies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA. Moreover, I am looking at developing and implementing automatic payment via distributed ledgers using smart devices. My interests around network analysis and the wide potential applications of IOTA drive me to be ambitious, and to welcome any challenges in this project.

Ming Zhang

I am an MSc Financial Systems Engineering major at UCL working on distributed ledgers.

IOTA provides a fee-less and almost infinitely scalable distributed ledger which overcomes the inefficiencies of current blockchain. This enables numerous brilliant potential ideas on this technology. With scalable and zero-fee features, we could connect small IoT devices to the Tangle and realise interoperation among these devices. Furthermore, the Tangle provides nano-transactions which have the potential to utterly change the landscape of data transfer security. I’m looking forward to learning more in this project with IOTA.

This is a very keen and motivated group of students, who understand the great opportunities for learning, development and engagement inherent to such an embryonic project. We have very high hopes!

To find out more you, can contact the team via or via the IOTA Slack (


IOTA project prototyping

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