Wallet Refresh — The case for a desktop app


First of all, please let me apologise for the lack of recent updates!

Unsurprisingly, we had underestimated the complexity of producing a multi-platform, multi-lingual wallet on bleeding-edge technology. We now have a team of developers working on this project, and a team of translators primed to get to work (thanks to all of you) — we are progressing well.

In the meantime we have been listening to feedback from the community, and I hope we have been responsive to your needs…. Which brings us on to the topic at hand.

Many users have asked for a desktop-specific version of the application, to match the different ergonomics of the desktop, compared to a mobile app. Initially we had planned to keep the design the same on all platforms to minimise delays between updates on different platforms. However, we could not ignore the volume of requests, and have decided to adopt a different design pattern on desktop.

Base pattern for desktop

We wanted to maintain a consistent design language across platforms, and I hope we have succeeded. So I will stop typing and post the initial mockups..

Home / Balance screen

You may notice a few new features here — some will be delivered on release, others will be on the roadmap…

Send Screen
Receive Screen
History Screen (updated)

So I will leave it at that. Let’s call it a teaser!

As always please leave your feedback here, and on our Slack. And do try to be constructive with your comments. I am essentially an amateur with a fragile ego 😅.