Welcome Mervyn G. Maistry to the IOTA Foundation

Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry has already been involved in IOTA ‘behind the scenes’ for quite some time, but now that we are entering the next phase of IOTA development and launch it is time to present him to the community in an official manner.

Mervyn has a diverse background in a wide range of industries that has given him an extraordinary skill set and insight into a vast variety of sectors. Starting out as a medical doctor with a MBA and degree in Health Economics, he quickly blossomed in the world of business. He has had global managing roles in companies such as Deutsche Bank, Accenture and is currently a managing partner at EY (Ernst & Young) with focus on Digital Strategy & Innovation, Start Up acceleration and anything pertaining to blockchain/distributed ledger technologies. It’s safe to say that Mervyn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the IOTA Foundation from dealing with numerous Fortune 100 clients and impact ventures spanning over 2 decades.

He wants to use his extensive experience to establish IOTA as a standard for different industries that create economic and social impact.

On being a part of IOTA:

I believe the future of commerce is democratic and based on abundance. 21st century organization will focus on engagement of customers and partners. Distributed and decentralized technologies will enable this paradigm shift and will become dominant transaction and database technologies. The IOTA Foundation is part of that trend and offers amazing possibilities in the decentralized technology space.

Mervyn has already played an instrumental role in building bridges to a plethora of different companies which are now exploring the technology behind IOTA and the vision of Industry 4.0 with us. He will continue to be an integral part of the IOTA Foundation in the exciting year that lies ahead.