Plug and Play Selects IoTBlock as a Top 20 Silicon Valley IoT Startup

IoTBlock is excited to announce that Plug and Play, Silicon Valley’s Ultimate Innovation Platform, has selected IoTBlock as one of 19 startup companies in Silicon Valley to join their Spring 2019 Internet of Things Innovation Platform. We look forward to work closely with Plug and Play and it’s global strategic network to refine our product market fit and expand our enterprise customer sales pipeline.

Plug and Play is the Ultimate Global Innovation Platform that connects, empowers, and invests in the innovators of tomorrow. For the past decade, they have developed a world-class ecosystem that provides entrepreneurs the best opportunity to succeed by bringing together startups, growth-stage companies, investors, mentors, and Fortune 500 corporations. Their goal is to facilitate meaningful introductions and foster long-term relationships that provide value to every party involved. They do this to accelerate their own investment activities, as they invest in over 200 companies each year. Plug and Play operates 10-week industry specific, stage-agnostic platforms that help startups and growth-stage companies raise funding and pursue business development opportunities in collaboration with corporations.

IoTBlock CEO & Founder Denis Lam presenting at Plug and Play’s Spring 2019 Selection Day

About Plug and Play Innovation Platform

Plug and Play has over a dozen verticals spanning from Internet of Things, FinTech, to Insurtech and many more. Within each vertical they have partnerships with Fortune 500 companies that are eager to work with and/or invest in companies disrupting their industry. Their corporate partners pay an annual fee to participate in the ecosystem and gain exposure to our batch and portfolio companies. In exchange, participating startups have access to motivated incumbents that are able and ready to provide investment or business development opportunities. In addition to their corporate partnerships, Plug and Play has established a strong network of over 180 investors across the world that we frequently co-invest with. Investors range from individual Angels to some of the world’s leading VCs. This diverse network of investors ensures that regardless of the stage or focus of a batch company, Plug and Play can facilitate relevant introductions catered to stage and industry. Plug and Play runs these programs completely free of charge for participating startups & growth-stage companies. This is because the three-month period serves as an integral part of our due diligence process. During the program they get to know batch companies better, follow their traction, and collect feedback from industry leaders and other partners. Ultimately, they leverage these key insights to find good investment opportunities.

About IoTBlock

IoTBlock is a digital transformation technology provider that helps companies leverage emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, and Blockchain to cut costs, transform customer experiences, and launch the next phase of business growth. Founded by talent from top universities, with domain expertise in e-commerce, big data, IoT, and supply chain, IoTBlock has a vision to democratize access to emerging technologies to promote innovation and sustainable global commerce. IoTBlock is based in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

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